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What is interface in java?

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Interface is collection of abstract methods which has only declaration and no implementation

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Can one interface inherit another interface in java?

Yes it can. Read below

Can you define variables in interface in java?

yes we can define a variable in an interface in java.

Can you create a constructor for an interface in java?

NO, we cannot create a contructor for an interface in java.

Can you interface extend 2 or more interface in java?

No interface can't be extended it can only be implemented.Yes we can implement 2 or more interface in java using multiple interface concept

What is intrface in java?

interface is a list of methods which implements that interface

What is a tagging interface type?

A tagging interface type in Java is an interface that has not defined methods such as the interface.

What java interface must be implemented by all threads?

Runnable interface

Can you create an empty interface with no definitions?

Yes. This is a valid interface definition in Java: interface Useless {}

What is the significance of marker interface?

Marker interface is used as a tag to inform a message to the java compiler so that it can add special behaviour to the class implementing it. Java marker interface has no members in it Lets take the marker interface. It doesnot has any members defined it it. When a java class is to be serialized, you should intimate the java compiler in some way that there is a possibility of serializing this java class. In this scenario, marker interfaces are used. The java class which may be serialized has to implement the marker interface. In such way, we are intimating the java compiler. Naresh Tuhania From IBM

What would interface java be used for?

Interface Java can be used for a variety of tasks and commands such as .swf files, Java files, running scripts, as well as website video players for websites.

Can you create an object of interface in java?


Can you do java keylogger?

Yes, it is possible to write a keylogger in Java, but you would need to use the Java Native Interface to do so.

What is JNI?

Java Native Interface JNI is an interface between java and applications and libraries written in other languages. As an example, JNI enables Java programs to use C libraries and also enables C programs to use Java classes.

How do we save packages and interface in java?

with the package name syntax: <package name> with the interface name.

Write a program in java interface for calculating area?

interface Shape { public double getArea(); }

In C plus plus Interface is also known as?

I guess you mean Java, there is no interface in C++.

What is abstraction method in java?

Abstraction in Java or Object oriented programming is a way to segregate implementation from interface and one of the five fundamentals along with Encapsulation, Inheritance, Polymorphism, Class and Object. Abstraction in Java is achieved by using interface and abstract class in Java.

Interface in java?

include all abstract method

Can interface have constructor?

Interfaces in Java can not define constructors.

Is interface in java a kind of polymorphism?

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What implicit modifiers interface methods have in java?


Is interface class a valid term?

Yes. An interface in essence is a java class and so you can use the term interface class. But, using the term class along with the term interface can cause ambiguity or misunderstandings among novice java developers. So, using the term "Interface" along would suffice to refer to a type of class which is the "Interface"

Difference between class and interface in java?

Class in Java programming is composed of instantiated objects that have its own state and behavior. An interface cannot be instantiated nor created as object.

What do mean by interface in java?

An interface in Java is like an abstract class, but there are no method bodies allowed in it and it has to be declared with the interface keyword. It is Java's way of getting around the Deadly Diamond of Death. Only abstract methods and constants are allowed in it.

JScroll in java?

JScroll in Java is part of G.U.I (Graphical User Interface) and puts in a scroll bar.