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1 baby girl or boy

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Q: What is intrauterine gestational sac with a single embryo?
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Meaning well defined intrauterine gestational sac with single live fetal pole?

A single live fetal pole is referring to the baby in the stage when it is first visible inside the gestational sac. As for the intrauterine gestational sac, that is means the pregnancy is seen within the uterus and is not ectopic.

What is single intra uterine gestational sac seen?

I believe it means that they have only seen one sac--as in one embryo...not twins.

If a single malformed intrauterine gestational sac with scanty perisac bleed is noted in us and fetal pole is not visualized Size of gestational sac is 126cm with 5 weeks 3 days of gestation chances?

this is a hard question! :-l sorry!!!!

5Weeks 2days vaginal ultrasound report - Intrauterine gestational sac of average diameter of 7MM Seen without any definite fetal pol or embryo at present small amount of free fluid seen in the POD?

If you blood work is positive , give it a couple more weeks .

What is the fate of embryo in the embryo sac?


What is the protective sac around the developing embryo or fetus?

The protective sac around the embryo or fetus is the amniotic sac.

What does fetal pole not well visualized mean?

It was difficult to see the line that represents the very beginning of the embryo. Most likely, the gestational sac was seen on the ultrasound.

What is the name of the thin sac around the embryo?

Amniotic membrane or amniotic sac, containing the embryo and amniotic fluid.

When does the gestational sac appear?

It usually appears after 4 weeks

What is the size of gestational sac at 5 weeks?

about the size of a pea

What protective sac around the developing embryo or fetus is?

That sac is called as amniotic sac.

Does the Amniotic sac feed the embryo?


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