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What does evaluating customer service mean?

Giving a customer a good blowjob.

What do you perceive as good customer service?

Good customer service is perceived as making the customer happy. This can be done with smiling at the customer, giving them quick service, accurate service, and going above and beyond.

What is a good tip in Mexico?

As in giving tips to people who provide a service to you? Between 20% (outstanding service) to 0% (abysmal).

Is playing a professional sport a service or a good?

It can be either, being a service it entertains people. Being a good you are training your body, and giving people something to put hope into.

Where can I find a phone answering service?

The good ones are Verizon and Time Warner cable are giving good phone answering service again its all depends on your type of service i would go for Verizon.

What's the best service for good cellular reception if you travel a lot in the Carolinas and Georgia?

I would suggest giving verizon a try for the best service in your area.

Why is effective customer service important?

Because customers are important. Why important? Because you have to have your customers to earn money. If you don't give them good services they won't come to you again AND they will persuade others not to come to you. So by giving bad service you will lose your customer and your future customers, but by giving good service you will get new customers and never lose any customer.

Who is the top most service provider giving Prepaid Internet Service in USA?

MaGlobe is the top most service provider giving Prepaid Internet Service in USA. Slingshot comes in close second.

A joining of two or more businesses that are involved in different stages of producing the same good or service is called a?

Joining two or more businesses that are involved in different stages of producing the same good or services is a vertical merger.

What good deeds was Good King Wencelas involved with in the famous Christmas carol of the same name?

Good King Wencelas was involved in the famous Christmas carol, called "O Come, O Come Emmanuel", and also the song called, "Good King Wenceslas". The good deeds that Good King Wencelas was involved with in the famous Christmas carol "Good King Wenceslas" was by giving alms generously to widows, and those in prison and the orphans.

Example for vertical merger?

the combination of two or more firms involved in different stages of producing the same good or service

How can you contribute to this standard giving a good customer service?

well if a customer is good then giving them good service is easy because you just have to be polite to them but if their not good to you then it will be harder to work with them but watever you do dont shoult swear put your middle finger up or do anything bad to them because you might just loose your job so be careful with what you do and try hard not to get fired from maz x i luv jdb x mw

Where can one learn more about the National Blood Service?

The National Blood service is a service where you donate your blood to a person in need. If you're over 17 and have good health, then you are eligible. Giving your blood could save a persons life.

What do you think constitutes good customer service?

Good customer service - involved paying attention to the customers needs, appreciating any problems they have and reaching a successful conclusion. Good customer service is recognizing the customer whether it is by name or face. If you can recognize that person, say simple things like Good Morning or Hello how are you? Be friendly but not that friendly to scare them

What life process is sperm cell involved in?

a sperm cell is involved in giving life and making a baby.

What is definition of service?

Service is any action that is done for helping others. Example, he was involved in the service of animals.

What is a militarian?

A person in or involved with military service.

How many service people were involved in the Battle of Midway?

Over 10,000 sailors and airmen were involved.

What is difficult in giving great customer service?

dealing with not so great customers. but if you are truelly excellent at giving great customer service, the customers bad attitude should not matter.

What do you call a person who does good by giving money?

A person who does good by giving money is called a philanthropist.

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