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What is involved in the hosting of a large LAN party expecting 100 to 200 attendees and what resources are necessary?

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you will need large numbers of swiches and CAT5 cable... an lots of time

Connect the swiches to each other in a token ring fasion (edit this to make sure you can read it correctly) switch >>>>> switch >>>> switch | | |<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<|

or if you are fortunate enough, use the special "uplink" caling system by the mfg. you can get monserous speed that way.

anyway...once done w/that, grab a couple of PC's and put them on furthest swiches and then try to play the game in mp mode... if the n/w is too slow, you will need to upgrade your equipment... (be sure to buy from a local retailer if you can so you can swap out quickly)

once done, load up your machines and let her rip!

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