What is involved with creating a personal website?


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There are many places to gather information on how to create a personal website. Many companies also offer templates for users so that the user only has to entering their personal information and it will create the website automatically from the information entered.


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In a very basic sense, yes--a Facebook profile is a personal website. You can customize it to include the features and information you want. On a technical level, it is not a personal website because you are just creating a profile as part of a larger social network. You can't change the coding of the page or take clear ownership of it, for example.

An organization can get involved in e-Business by simply creating a website and selling their products online. Customers will make purchases from the website, allowing the business to officially become an e-Business.

Collection of web pages is called website desiging.

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Affiliate marketing programs reward their affiliates for directing visitors to the merchants website, using their own marketing efforts. This could be simply placing an advertising link on your own website or creating a website specifically to do this.

If you want to make a personal website, go to

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WikiAnswers does not give out personal website information.

web design is used for many different professional tasks from creating your own personal business website or creating websites for other business's. Anyone can take a web design course as long as they have their GED.

Creating a website is easy with the tools provided to you by all websites on the internet. You can create a website on a number of websites including godaddy, 1and1 and more.

Yes, jQuery does help with the creating of a website. jQuery is a easy to use plug in that works with the HTML5 interface.

A person that is a website designer/developer earns their keep by creating and maintaining web sites. Non-technical people tend to hire website developers so their pages can have a professional appearance; skilled developers may be paid very well for their services. Making a personal website will usually not have any payout, and is usually done to share personal information, such as blogs or humorous images.

Personal websites can have info about yourself and the website is about you and others. Informational website can have info about Math, Science, anything.

All you have to do is search "igoogle". Then, all you have to do is add pictures and games for free. No personal info is involved.

Basically for creating website pages and site design. It also is useful for creating posters and such. Mostly used for business website uses.

helps in creating personal documents

they were made for the personal use...creating apps at home....using internet...creating documents of office use at home..very time utilizing thing....&etc..


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LOL. Yes, creating a website make you famous. If no more than in your own head. Also, going to an English class will help you succeed.

Personal productivity applications allow a person to perform tasks much easier. A few tasks made easier are creating presentations, writing letters and creating graphs.

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