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What is ionic solid?

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inonic solid is shamima

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What kind of crystalline solid is KCl?

An Ionic Solid.Ionic solid

Is LiBr a ionic solid?

Yes, LiBr is an ionic solid.

Which solid is more likely to have the lowest melting point an ionic solid or molecular solid?

ionic solid

What solid is stronger ionic solid or covalent network solids?


Is sodium chloride an ionic solid?

Sodium chloride (NaCl) is an ionic solid.

Is BaF2 a ionic or covalent?

It is an ionic solid.

What type of solid is CsCl?

ionic solid

Is NH4NO3 a molecular solid?

It is an ionic solid.

Who discovered ionic solid?

Mr Solid.

What is the identity of a substance that is a solid and its a ionic compound?

"an is an ionic"

What type of bond in ionic solid?

ionic bond

Is PbCl4 a form of a solid?

yes, it is an ionic compound and all ionic compounds exist in solid state.

What kind of solid is table salt?

an ionic solid

Is BeBr2 a solid or liquid?

It is a solid ionic compound

Is ionic solid at room temp?

Ionic what? The state of anything ionic is always aqueous...

Is sulfur oxide a molecule or part of an ionic solid?

Sulfer oxide is covalently bonded - so no, it is not an ionic solid.

Why ionic crystals don't conduct electricity in the solid state?

In the solid state ionic crystals are not dissociated in ions.

Why does lithium fluoride have a very high melting point?

Extremely ionic bonding in the solid creates an ionic solid.

Is NaNO3 a ionic or covalent bond?

It is an ionic solid crystalline compound.

Is PCl5 ionic or molecular?

PCl5 is always ionic in the solid state.

Is sodium floride ionic or convalent?

NaF is a solid ionic compound.

Why is solid ionic compound is not a good conductor of electric current?

electrons don't flow as well in a solid ionic compound

What state of matter are ionic compounds?

It is usually solid because a ionic compound has a charge making it usually in the stage of a solid.

Is solid copper wiring a ionic bond?

No. Solid copper has a metallic bond, a distinct form along with ionic and covalent.

Is potassium permanganate an ionic solid?

Yes. KMnO4 is a violet ionic solid, soluble in water and a strong oxidizing agent.

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