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What is is called when the president gets sworn into office?

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The ceremony in which the President of the United States takes the oath of office is called an inauguration or the Presidential Inauguration.

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If there is a national disaster does it change when the president-elect gets sworn in to office?

A national disaster does not change when the president-elect gets sworn in to office. However, it might change the location of where he is sworn in to office.

What is the ignauguration?

When a president gets sworn in and is in office. Inauguration is where they get the elected president in office.

What happens if a president dies or leave office?

The vice president gets sworn in. Just look up what happened to president Kennedy.

When does the vice president elect get sworn in?

About 15 minutes before the President elect gets sworn in. The President elect gets sworn in at 12 noon on January 20.

Who gets to be President if the President dies?

If the President of the United States dies while in office, the vice president will be immediately sworn in. The vice president will finish out the presidents term.

What happens after the inauguration speech?

The "president" gets sworn in

What is a president called from the election date until the new president takes oath to office?

The New president that gets electaed is called President Elect until they take office which is Jan. 20th. The President that was in office before the new president is called the Formor President. 20th am

Who gets sworn in first obama or joe biden?

Vice-President Joe Biden was sworn in first.

What if the vice prisident should die?

In the event of the death of the Vice President, the President nominates a new Vice President, who gets sworn in and takes office as soon as a majority of each House of Congress approves the nomination.

What day ends a president's term?

January 20th is the day the new President gets sworn in and the old President's term ends.The old president remains President up until the moment the new President takes the oath of office. The Oath of office ceremony is on the 20th of January following the election.

What happens if the president lapses into a coma from which the doctors don't think he will ever wake?

the vice president takes over and makes all the decision that the president would make. If the president goes off life support, the vp gets sworn into office.

Who becomes president if both president and vice presidendent die wile in office?

If the second death occurs before Congress has approved an appointment to fill the vacancy in the vice presidency, the Speaker of the House of Representatives gets sworn in if he/she is qualified and willing.

What happens if the Vice president resigns or dies in office?

then the president gets to elect a new Vp.

What medical benefits does the President receive while in office?

The President gets free medical care through the army hospital system while he is in office.

What hand is on the Bible when the president gets sworn in?

you always swear with your right hand .........unless....there is a reason you can't....for example, you dont have a right hand...

How long does the president stays in office?

he at lest stay's in office for at lest years. unless he gets elicted twice

Does the president get paid after leaving office?

Yes the former president gets retirement pay.

What happens when the vice president gets shot?

Whenever there is a vacancy in the office of the Vice President, the President shall nominate a Vice President who shall take office upon confirmation by a majority vote of both Houses of Congress.

Who takes over if the President gets hurt?

The Vice President will take over for the President if the latter is hurt or cannot perform the duties of the office.

What is the length of the office for the president?

Four years but if the president wants to run again and wins he gets only 4 more years and that's it. 4-8 years in the office.

How long does the US president get paid after he leaves office?

The president gets paid for the rest of his life, a pension of $191,300 plus benefits.

Does the president get security protection after leaving office?

The President of the United States gets protection for ten years after leaving office if he chooses to have the Secret Service continue to protect him. The President does have the option of not being protected by the Secret Service once he leaves office but few opt out of the protection.

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