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isochronous means generator zero drop during parale operation
droop means the generator at 100% load the frequency is50 HZand at no load have more tahn 5oHz eg.. generator set at 4% droop it means at no load the frequency is 104% x 50Hz.

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Q: What is isochronous and droop in generator parralel operation?
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What is the effect of increasing speed droop on governor of hydro electric generator?

I would suggest what you mean is to increase speed droop sensitivity. That mean you reduce speed droop percentage set point. I will answer primary impact only assuming your plant is grid connected. Assuming your current speed droop percentage set point is 10% and you have a 100MW hydro turbine generator serving a 50-Hz grid system. Therefore your droop response due to system frequency deviation is 100MW for every 5Hz (10% of your system nominal frequency of 50 Hz), or +/- 20MW/Hz or 2MW/0.1Hz. What this number does? It will be used by your governor to compensate the load of your hydro turbine as system frequency deviates from the reference frequency. As system frequency increases by 0.1Hz, the governor will subtract generator output by 2MW from the current load set point. If system frequency decreases by 0.1Hz then the governor will add 2MW to the current load set point. This is done automatically. Now you want to increase its sensitivity of your governor from this set point to 5%. You are actually doubling the response. That means the new load response will be +4MW/0.1Hz if unit system frequency reduces from the reference frequency and -4MW/0.1Hz if system frequency increases above the reference frequency. If you increase the sensitivity further to 2.5, then the new response will be +/-8MW/0.1Hz.

What are synonyms and antonyms for refraction?

Synonyms: angle, angle away, angle off, arch, bow, buckle,camber, careen, circle, contort, crimp, crinkle,crook, crouch, curl, deflect, deform, detour,double, droop, flex, genuflect, hook, incline,incurvate, lean, loop, pervert, round, spiral,stoop, swerve, tilt, turn, twist, veer, verge,warp, waver, wilt, wind, yaw, zigzag Antonyms: straight, uncurled, line-like

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What is the caused of unbalance of current during parallel running of two generator?

That depends on if the two machines are of equal KVA rating and also what type of Generator Control (Isochronous or Droop) each of the machines uses.

A governor with 0 percent droop What it should call ed?

An Isochronous governor

What is difference between main engine governor and generator governor?

the one of the difference in generator governor is having speed drop setting. this setting is used to maintain the speed when the genrator runs parralel and especially during the time of load sharing. a small fall in the rpm occurs. if this is considered the genrator will run under the motoring effect and cause black avoid this we have droop speed setting in the gen governor.

What is droop mode in woodward governor?

Droop mode is when the governor of the prime mover is not controlling the frequency or speed of the generator. The energy is controlled based on the difference between the speed setpoint and the actual speed.

Why shaft generator can not operate in parallel with auxiliary generator?

Normal shaft generators do not have droop-control for frequency and voltage. Semiconductor (drive) based variable speed shaft generators may have those today.

Why one of the generators has better regulation than the other?

You may be referring to properties know as speed droop and/or voltage droop. These are negative feed backs that retard the the speed and/or voltage of a generator as more load is added to the generator. This is necessary in order to balance load between generators so that one or more generators attempt to take more load than the others. If one generator took more load it would either become overloaded OR cause another generator to become unloaded to a point that it could be motorized and start consuming power path than producing it. In either case the is would be possible to have generators trip off line, possible in a cascaded trip. One one generator in the parallel group need be operated without droop so as to be the freq and voltage standard. The remaining generators added must have some amount of droop to prevent theme from hogging the load.

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What will happen when different voltage droop generator synchronised?

They will run with different reactive power output, i.e. reactive load won't be equally shared between units.

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