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What is it called if blended evenly throughout are compound?


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OK first try-to find the definition of what you are trying to find

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It's neither! Actually Gatorade is a homogeneous mixture. A homogeneous mixture is a solid, liquid, or gas that contains two or more substances blended evenly throughout. Gatorade contains elements that are blended together to make compound, and also many other very long chemical mixtures but all in all its really a homogeneous mixture.

A Compound mixture. I think it is called homogeneous... <>

It could be called a homogeneous liquid mixture or a liquid-in-liquid solution.

No, they are not spread evenly. They are concentrated in the center, forming what is called a nucleus. The cloud of electrons surrounds the nucleus.

When gas molecules are spread out evenly throughout a space they are in equilibrium. This is because pressure is even, enthalpy is minimum and entropy is maximum.

A homogeneous mixture is evenly mixed throughout so you can see what in it. whereas a heterogeneous mixture is not mixed evenly throughout and you can see whats in it

No. The ISM is distributed unevenly throughout the galaxy.

This process is called homogenisation. Cream is broken into tiny globules and distributed equally throughout the milk.

J.J. Thomson's ideas were called the plum-pudding model. This model described how electrons were evenly distributed throughout the atom.

it disolves and disperes evenly throughout he water

It spreads evenly throughout its containers/surroundings.

They distribute evenly throughout the atmosphere.

the substances are evenly distributed throughout. (APEX) :)

A heterogeneous mixture is a mixture that is not mixed evenly. A homogeneous mixture is a mixture that is the same throughout. However, the components of any mixture retain their own properties.

Yes, homogeneous mixture particles are spread evenly throughout the mixture, like lemonade.

A polar compound can be defined as any compound in which the electric charge is not evenly distributed. An example is water (H2O).

If it is not spread out evenly, it is called a heterogeneous mixture,

homogeneous because it is a mixture that is mixed evenly throughout

no, consistency of such is a homogeneous characteristic

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