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The action between the President and the head of a foreign government does not require congressional approval?

executive agreement.

What is an example of executive agreement?

An executive agreement is defined as being an agreement which is made between the president and a foreign country. One example of an executive agreement was NAFTA.

What is the Pact between the president and a foreign state that does not require approval of congress?

Executive Agreement

What action between the president and head of a foreign government does not require congressional approval?


What was President Jimmy Carter's main foreign policy achievements?

The Camp David agreement between Israel and Egypt.

What was the president carter's greatest foreign policy achievement?

He helped negotiate a peace agreement between Israel and Egypt.

What does an executive agreement do?

Executive agreement is an agreement between the US and a foreign government without it being ratified by senate. The USA has made several of these agreements over the course of its long history.

An agreement negotiated by the President with the head of a foreign power that does not need to be ratified by the Senate is called?

Executive Agreement, so-called because the President is the head of the executive branch of government; the other branches are legislative, i.e.congress, & judiciary.

What is the term for a mutual understanding between your president and the leader of a foreign government?

Executive Agreements!

What is the agreement the president needs to make a foreign treaty?

two thirds of the senators president i do believe

When can a president make an executive agreement?

A President can make an executive agreement at anytime with another foreign "Chief of State" (leader). However, the agreement is only honored as long as the US President who made it, is in office. Once he leaves, the agreement ends.

A formal agreement between foreign nations is called an?

A formal agreement between foreign nations is commonly called an accord. However, they also can be called international agreements as well.

The foreign policy of the government is shaped by?

the president

The president is expected to meet with the leaders of what government?


Which branches of government share foreign relations powers?

Congress and the President share foreign affairs

Is there any agreement between local private sector and foreign companies?


How can a President make an agrrement with a foreign country without involving congress?

That depends on the definition of the word treaty, since the U.S. Constitution requires that all treaties be approved by a two-thirds vote of the Senate. If any agreement between the U.S. Government and a government outside the United States would be considered a treaty, the U.S. President does not have the power to do that without Senate approval.

What are the agreements the president can make with foreign nations called?

executive agreements Or perhaps a summit agreement or a detente.

What did Jefferson's comments in 1801 show about the agreement between Spain and France?

Jefferson's comments in 1801 about the agreement between Spain and France showed concern about how the agreement might affect U.S. foreign relations.Worrie about the debt owed to American citizens by France concern about how the agreement might affec u.s. Foreign relations

Who has the power of foreign policy?

The power of foreign policy is divided between the Congress and the president. The president will hold this power through the executive branch.

What types of agreements can the President make with foreign countries?

The US Constitution divides the foreign policy powers between the President and Congress so both share in foreign policy.

Why might the president decide to make an executive agreement with a foreign leader instead of signing a treaty with that leader?

An executive agreement or understanding with a foreign leader might serve the immediate purpose of a treaty and lead to a formal treaty between the respective nations. A treaty requires the approval of the Senate and may be much harder to negotiate than an agreement between two men. (It also may be easier to break or worm out of if the situation changes or new information comes to light.)

What is an interstate compact?

formal agreement entered into with the consent of congress, between of among states, of between a state, or between a state and foreign state.

What was President Carters foreign policy?

Chile's jailing newspaper reporters who criticized the government.

What economic interest group might lobby for a provision in a trade agreement that would?

make U.S. policies favorable to a foreign government