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What is it called when you create your major in college?


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October 19, 2009 5:55PM

When you declare your major to the college or university, and you are accepted to that program of study, you are identified as a matriculated student. Thus, you matriculate.
The above answer is what you become when you complete a major. I believe the question is what is it called when you CREATE your OWN major.

I can think of two things that it is called, some schools might have different names for it and I hope people will add that content if they can.

I have heard it called an Individualized Major Plan (IMP), and also a Liberal Arts degree. I got a Behavioral Science AA degree on my way to a BA as a combined degree. There was no Behavioral Science degree listed in the catalog, but my classes were more broad than the psychology degree at my community college.

Hope that helps clarify a little.