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What is it like in England?

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Well, you can do a lot in England, pretty much the same as what you can do anywhere else.

Have a look at weather reports. England can be wet, dry, hot and cold during the same day. The English weather is unpredictable.

There are lots of attractions in England. They are usually most full at weekends and school holidays.

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What was land like in the New England colonies?

what was the land like in the new england colonies

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What are the people like in England?

like any country it really varies depending on were you go in England.

What do England like to do?

People in England also like to do some educational activities that most countries don't like to do. There are also many more things that people in England like to do. Like education. academic, sport, Food, Chefs, Jobs etc. England is a great place to be at times!

What was World War 2 like in England?

it wasn't in england

What is England like now?

England is beautiful and very warming

How is the economy like in England?

England has gold and silver stuff.

Did the Romans like England?

Those who settled in England probably did.

What is the weather like in Canterbury England all year around?

what is the weather like in Canterbury England like all year around

How was the countryside in England in 1500?

What was the countryside like in England in the 1500's ???

What is England like. nature and town?

England is all town.

What girl like in England?

not you.

Where to in England?

Anywhere you like.

Does Robert Pattinson like England?

robert pattinson really likes england. england is where he was born and forever be in his heart.

Does England have a communists government?

No. England does not have a communist government. It may seem like it but no.

What kind of heritage does new England reflect?

i dont like new england

When England established?

England wasn't established like America, it just evolved.

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What is it like in England like in summer?

Generally quite pleasant.

Why is this area referred to as New England?

because it was like england but smaller,and newer,which is why it is called new england, because it was new.

How the world war started?

Hittler didn't like England so he declared war with England and he didnt like Jewish people

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