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Unless the person is acting like a derranged rabbit and producing constantly, then it's all about hormones. Some people have more hormones than others. As I said, if it doesn't affect your life and you do other enjoyable things then there is nothing wrong with a person that is more highly sex than another. There is no evidence that highly sexed people have emotional problems. The only trick is to find a partner with the same hunger for your urges for sex. Marcy Well, since I'm not one this isn't exactly from the horse's mouth. Nymphomania is a condition where the person is highly sexual and this occurs when the hormones are imbalanced in the body. Some people love it and can live with it and men certainly never complain about it. Nymphomaniacs are no different than you or me, but have a much higher hunger for sex. They work, can be highly intelligent individuals, be in different areas of the working world, or even be one of your own family members. As long as their sexual urges don't interfere with their daily lives and routines, then there is no real problem unless their sexual partner just can't keep up. Marcy It is a common misconception embraced by men and perhaps loathed by women that this is just a woman with a high sex drive (bring it on :) ) Actually it is abnormal,excessive and insatiable desire in women for sexual intercourse. It is a form of sexual addiction. Although not well studied it is considered more to do with an attempt to satisfy dependency needs rather than gratifying sexual impulses. Like other addictive or impulse control disorders there is a driven quality that takes on a life of it's own and creates various secondary problems. It can occur in cycles secondary to Bipolar disorder, brain damage, or drug use as well.

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Q: What is it like to have Nymphomania?
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What is cytheromania?

It is the same as nymphomania.

What is hysteromania?

It is the same as nymphomania.

What is the opposite of nymphomania?


What is andromania?

Andromania is the same as nymphomania.

What does Queen mean?

A female who is affected with nymphomania; excessive sexual desire and behavior. And nymphomania means (usually female) who is obsessed with sex.

What actors and actresses appeared in Nymphomania - 1994?

The cast of Nymphomania - 1994 includes: Holly Adams as Nymph Bob Mook as Pan

You are a nymphomaniac What should you do?

get a psychologist... the disorder "nymphomania" is not in the dsm-iv.

Can nymphomania be caused by stress?

It is a possible factor, but unlikely to be the only cause.

Do nymphomania and pyromania have a high correlation?

No they are 2 totally different things.

What is a male nymphomaniac called?

Well the male form to Nymphomania is satyriasis so I would believe it to be a satyriasic or something similar to that? It makes sense to be like that.

What causes nymphomania?

It is an inherited trait. Your parents don't need to be nymphomaniacs for you to have it either.

What is the Meaning off nyphomanica?

If you mean 'Nymphomania', it is an excessive sexual desire in a female.

Is satyriasis and nymphomania listed as bona fide psychological disorders?

Nymphomania and Satyriasis were once listed as disorders in the Diagnostic & Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders. They are not listed in the current edition, the DSM-IV-TR. However, they have been combined with other disorders under the heading of Hypersexuality Disorder, which is proposed as an addition to the DSM-V. Both Nymphomania and Satyriasis are still part of ICD-10.

What are the release dates for Joe Bob's Drive-In Theater - 1987 Quadriplegia Nymphomania and HIV-Positive Night?

Joe Bob's Drive-In Theater - 1987 Quadriplegia Nymphomania and HIV-Positive Night was released on: USA: 18 February 1995

What are personality traits of circe?

beautiful witch goddess, manipulative, and nymphomania. is all i got so far

Where does the word nymphomania derive from in the English language?

It's Greek "nymph" meaning young woman, "mania" meaning crazed.

What is the meaning of nymphomaniac?

Excessive sexual desire in and behavior by a female. A female that shows signs of nymphomania, which is an excessive or uncontrallable desire for sex.

What are three words based on the word mania?

Some word based on the word 'mania' are: egomania nymphomania hypomania kleptomania pyromania maniac

What is a nymphomaniac?

A nymphomaniac is woman with excessive sexual desires. Nymphomania is an uncontrolled desire for sex. It is usually not a physical condition. Instead, it is mainly a psychological condition where the victim seeks multiple sexual encounters as a way of self affirmation rather than satisfaction of sexual desire. If you believe you are a nymphomaniac consult a therapist. Do not pursue random, unfulfilling sexual encounters with strangers who may not have YOUR best interests at heart.The concept of hypersexuality replaces the older concepts of nymphomania. Nymphomania was believed to be a female psychological disorder characterized by an overactive libido and an obsession with sex. In males the disorder was called satyriasis (for etymology of the words, see nymph and satyr).

What is shtyriasis?

I think your spelling is offSATYRIASIS: Is an excessive or abnormal sexual desire in the male, comparableto the word used for an insatiable woman, nymphomaniaFrom the Greek word Satyr: a minor sexual Deity in the Greek pantheon

What are some words end with the suffix mania?

agromania. anglomania. balletomania. bibliomania. decalcomania. dipsomania. egomania. kleptomania. leishmania. logomania. megalomania. monomania. necromania. nymphomania. onomatomania. phaneromania. potomania. pyromania. squandermania. trichotillomania.

Is Lil Wayne a nympho?

No. A "nympho" (short for nymphomaniac, derived from the sexual disorder nymphomania) is a term exclusively used for women with a pathological craving for sex. The correct term for a male is satyr, one suffering from the sexual disorder satyriasis.

Can a nymphomaniac feel unable to control her own life?

Yes. Nymphomaniacs usually have an uncontrollable urge to engage in sexual acts of some sort. The fact that the urge is uncontrollable, the person in question may feel that their life in general something they cannot control. Though it is possible for them to control their life over a period of time, they would just need to be willing to take that jump from nymphomania to a less sexual train of thought in general. If the person is unable to do that on their own, then seeking help from a trained professional in the treating of nymphomania is always another choice.

Does everyone who is addicted to sex, have a second disorder that could explain their addiction?

Nymphomania (the addiction of sex) is not yet considered a viable medical condition. it is often protested that nymphomaniacs are actually suffering from another condition such as OCD, or Bi-polar disorder.

How do you spell nimpho?

The word nymph is term for a minor goddess (e.g. wood nymph) or an immature insect stage.The slang term nympho is applied to a sexually overactive female, from nymphomaniac, one with an excessive libido, nymphomania, which is now termed hypersexuality.