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Q: What is it that a human fertilized egg gets 23 of from each parent?
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Which cell gets one set of chromosome from each parent?


True or false the zygote gets all of its genetic form only one parent?

False. The zygote gets half of its genetic material from each parent.

How do fraternal twins form?

Some times both ovaries produce individual egg. Then both ovum gets fertilized and Fraternal twins happens One egg from each ovary is fertilized

The fact that each plant gets only one allele from each parent plant is detailed in the Law of?


Mendel's Law of Segregation and Recombination says that?

the offspring gets one member of each pair of genes from each parent

Are eggs in a supermarket fertilized?

Not usually that I know of, although sometimes a fertilized egg probably gets in there by mistake.

How much chromosomes does a parent give its offspring?

When a parent is going to have an offspring the offspring only gets half a chromosome from each parent, they combine to make one chromosome then that chromosome gets copied until there are 23 pairs of chromosome's. This is how you get your features.

What makes the baby have its features?

A baby gets its features from his or her parents, such as D.N.A,which comes from each parent.

How much genetic material gets passed from each parent to create a new organism?


Why dont offspring of two parents look exactly like either parent?

Because an offspring gets 23 chromosomes from each parent through meiosis

Where is the egg in a female developed fertilized and where does the fertilized egg develop?

An egg gets fertilized in the fallopian tube by a sperm, then it goes inside of the uterus, and inside the uterus it develops.

What does each new cell get after mitosis?

Each daughter cell gets an exact copy of its parent cell i.e same genetic material

Where does the developing fertilized egg cell get its energy?

The fertilized egg cell gets its energy from the cytoplasm which contains a store of food.

If the egg gets fertilized where will it implant and begin to grow?

in the uterus

What is true of reproduction that involves two parents?

The child gets half each of the chromosomes of the parents. For example, in humans, 23 chromosomes from each parent.

If you release more than egg is it possible that one gets fertilized and the other gives you a period?

No. If the fertilized egg implants, no period will occur.

When does a fetus get its gender?

The fetus gets its gender at conception. If the egg is fertilized with a Y chromosome, the fetus is a male. If it is fertilized with an X chromosome, it is female

How much genetic material gets passed rom each parent to create a new organism?

For Mammals its 50 - 50.

What makes a parent effective?

(example) When a parents' child is scoring good & high marks in his/her each & every exam, his/her s' parent expects more & more each time. But, when he/she gets marks (must be due to over confidence) they lose their hope. And this type of situation makes a parent effective.

Can a female get pregnant if she does not have a period?

no. it is not possible because the egg needs to be fertilized by male sperm and if there is not, egg, nothing gets fertilized so, yeah, nope

Does the chickens egg get fertilized inside or outside?

An egg gets fertilized inside the hen. The process where the shell is formed over the yolk and albumen comes after.

What is an ectopie pregnaney?

When the fertilized egg gets attached elsewhere than in the uterus.

What do cells need to do between divisions to make sure that a full set of DNA gets passed on to each daughter cell?

they need to replicate their DNA so that each daugther cell gets the same amount of genetic material as the parent had..

When a flower gets fertilized what happens?

After fertilization, seeds immediately form. Once fertilized, the same plant can not be fertilized again in that same growing season. Plants drop the seeds (Pollen) they create in the same location the parent plant was growing. You can allow these seeds of the plants to grow in the same location or move, organize, and label the seeds to make better sense of the outcomes of various fertilization events, in the following season of plant growth.

Who gets custody if parent dies and children are with step parent in PA?

The step parent gets control of the kids. If the step parent doesn't want them, any of the relatives of parent that died can take care of them. If nobody wants them then they go to an orphanage until they are 18.