What is it that you're really after when it comes to love?

What a great question! There may be as many answers as there are people looking for love, but here are some thoughts.

Companionship. I think humans are built to seek out one primary companion with whom we can have fun.

Intimacy. Like companionship, we're wired for this. We like to have one person with whom we can share our deepest secrets, someone we can be emotionally naked in front of. Someone who trusts us enough to be emotionally naked with us.

Nurture. We like to have someone take care of us, on occasion. And we like to take care of someone else once in a while!

Security. It's nice to know there will be someone to come home to, someone who will help us over the rough spots.

Sex. Yes -- and not just a casual quickie, but someone we can learn to really satisfy, and who can learn to really satisfy us. Like anything else, sex improves with practice.