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Sensitivity? This may be a nerve issue or damaged tissue breath the area that is sensitive. Seek medical support if the pain does not subside or if swelling occurs.

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What is organic pain?

Organic Pain: is a true pain a body part due to a pathology/damage to that body part.It is opposite to Functional (non-organic) Pain: a pain due to psychological stress with no evidence of pathology or damage to the affected body part.

What is the most sensitive organ in human body?

The brain is not the most sensitive organ in the body. It actually only interprets what the sensory system information brings to it. You could poke a fork into the brain and it would feel no pain, flash a light on it, put a really smelly sustenance on it, put pressure on it, touch it, yell at it and it would not even notice that. So the sensory part of the nervous system is the most sensitive part of the human body.

What does reffered mean?

referred pain(plural re·ferred pains) nounpain in unaffected part: pain that is felt not at its source but in another part of the body

What is other part of the body may you use to touch the ball?

Any part of the body except the hands or arms.

Which part of the brain allows you to feel pain?

The brain stem carries sensory messages and the parietal lobe interprets pain and touch.

Why is your nipples sensitive to touch?

because they are a tender part of your body

My husband don't like me to touch a part of his body is this a sign of him cheating?

If before you use to touch this certain part of his body and now you cannot of course this is one of the major sign of he is cheating.

Which part of the body has the most sensory receptor?

The part of your body with the most touch receptors are the fingertips, and that's why they invented braille.

Which part of the human circulatory system brings blood to all parts of the body?

in the arteries because the arteries have commonto take blood in any part of the body

Is it normal for teens to touch their penis and testicles?

Yes, it is normal for teens to touch their penis and testicles. They need to touch their genitals to clean them, to examine them, to be able to urinate, and to masturbate - also in general it's part of their body, they would be as likely to touch their genitals as any other body part.

What term describes the movement of the arm toward the body?

Adduction brings the body part toward the midline of the body. Example, raise arms above your head and clasp your hands together Abduction brings the body part away from the midline of the body. Example, raise your arms from the waist up to shoulder height keeping the hands level with the shoulders

Hinge joint pain relief?

Hinge joints are joints that connect on part of an adjoining part of the body. Pain relief in for hinge joint pain consists of pain relievers, braces, and in some cases surgery.

Which part of respiratory system brings air into the lungs?

Your respiratory system, which includes the nose, throat, windpipe (trachea) and lungs, brings air into the body when you breathe.

What part of the skin sends messages to the brain?

There are receptors in the dermal part of the skin that sends various types of information to the brain; hot, cold, light touch, pressure (deep touch) and pain.

What do doctors touch during a physical?

During a complete physical, the doctor will touch just about every part of your body.

Can pain in one part of the body cause pain in another part?

Yes. Pain is sometimes difficult to pinpoint. And some types of pain tend to radiate. That means that they either seem to travel along a line, as in nerve pain, or are connected somehow to another part, like in muscles.

What part of brain controls feeling?

the pariental lobe controls the sensory areas for touch, pressure, pain

What could cause a pain on left side of body?

Shingles can cause localized pain in almost any part of the body. Sciatica can cause pain in the lower back and one or both legs.

Any part of body when we cut any part of body pain no feel?

Calluses and the brain (any place lacking nerve fibers).

Why is an injury or infection in part of the body called an inflammation?

The reason is because inflammation means pain in the body

Must a runners hand touch the plate when he slides into home?

No. Any part of the runners body may touch the plate.

What are the faults of the player at the net in volleyball?

no part of your body can touch the volleyball net

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