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It is not known what Justin Bieber's favorite backpack is. Justin Bieber does have a song called Backpack that he released with Lil Wayne.

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Justin Biebers least favorite color is yellow.

Justin biebers favorite scent of air freshened is Febreeze enjoy.

Justin Biebers Favorite boy celebrity is Micheal Jackson, he is Justins biggest insparation

His favorite name is KadenJustin Jr.

Hello Justin Biebers fave track is track 9.

Justin Biebers favorite number is 6.

Justin biebers favorite girl singer is beyonce

Usher is Justin Bieber's favorite male singer.

No!! His favorite color is purple!!

Justin Bieber doesn't have a least favorite name.Justin Biebers best name for a girl is PaigeJustin Biebers worst name for a girl is Kalie or Kate

Michael Jackson !!! :)usher is justin biebers favourite dancerJustin Biebers favourite dancer is Michael Jackson

Justin Bieber's favorite sport 2 play is golf.

Justin Biebers favorite basketball team is suns basketball

Justin Bieber's favorite color is purple.

His 3rd favorite color is green.

His favorite food is Spagetti Bolognese

Justin Bieber's favorite color is not blue. His favorite color is purple. :D

Justin Bieber's other favorite sport is basketball.

Justin Biebers Fav town is Stratford Ontario

Beyonce is his his favorite person

Purple his favorite color.

Justin biebers favorite song is favorite grl because he said that that was the most sexy girl he has ever done a music vidio with go on to youtube to look at this music video its called favorite girl by Justin bieber xx

his favorite team is SMA and the Celtics

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