What is k12 schools?

Updated: 10/10/2023
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K-12 is basically a designation of the sum of secondary an primary education. This term is mainly used in United States, Canada, Philippines and Australia. This term is also used in schools.

The expression is short form of Kindergarten 4-6 years old for "k", whereas 12 refers to twelve grade students age 18-19 years.


K-12 is an online school that allows your children to go whatever pace they need to. The teachers are excellent and very nice. All grades have a class connect session which is a class that allows your child to exceed in progress. In class connect sessions you have a chance to ask your teacher a question. Class connect sessions can be all different subject depending on what grade you are in. There can be math lessons, language, grammar, reading, science and sometimes you will have someone as a special guest like a Holocaust speaker come in and talk about that subject. You can sign up for on-line clubs & much more. You will have a chance to go on field trips with your class and do some interesting things. You will also have a chance to do some offline book work and turn it in to whoever will be teaching you. Have Fun!

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They are teachers who teach Kindergarten through Highschoolers. Most teachers are only permitted to do Elementary School specificly or Middle School and High School specificly.

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Q: What is k12 schools?
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Sometimes homeschooling through is free, depending on what school district you live in. K12 is online and has more advanced lessons than public schools.

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The online school program K12 offers tuition free online public school. K12 partners with public schools and offers a flexible learning program, online and offline course work, extracurricular activities. They also sometimes offer a free computer, printer or internet access.

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The information available to parents on the CMS K12 NC US website is a list of schools, a school calendar of significant events throughout the school year, the bell schedule, the boundary maps, and much more.

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