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mangan tayo.

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Q: What is kain tayo in pangasinense dialect?
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What is kain na tayo in waray dialect?

Kain tayo in waray

What is kain tayo in 8 major dialect in Philippines?


What is kain tayo in waray dialect?

Pangaon kita.

What is kain na tayo in cebuano dialect?

"Kaon na ta!" Kaon as visayan word for "to eat". "ta" is the short word for "kita" visayan for us. as in "Manga-on na kita" as in the complete phrase. "mokaon na kita" = come, let's eat!

What the English of kung magtatapon tayo?

it is Filipino in Tagalong language or dialect meaning "If we throw away..."

How do you translate everyone in mangyan dialect?

bilis ayusin nyo na mga gamit natin at aalis na tayo

What is salamat in pangasinense?

thank you in davao

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