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Her favorite type of ice cream is Cookies and Cream.

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Q: What is kiaunna kirkendall's favorite type of ice cream?
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What is americas favorite type of ice cream?

Cookies and Cream

What is your least favorite type of ice cream?

Breast milk.

What is Rick Riordan's favorite type of ice cream?

He loves chocolate.

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Katy's favorite ice cream is the Birthday Cake Remix from Coldstone Creamry.

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This question is an opinionated question and depends on what each person's tastes are.

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Strawberrys and cream is strawberrys and any type of cream

A type of ice cream?

cream you fat barsterd

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In the UK, whipping cream is just a type of cream sold for whipping. (And actually, double cream works better for whipped cream toppings). Whipped cream is a type of fresh cream, in the sense that double cream, single cream, clotted cream etc... are all types of fresh cream. Whipped cream is not "the same as" fresh cream, it is a member of the "fresh cream" group. If a recipe just says "serve with fresh cream", it's best just to pick a type of cream that suits your needs (i.e pourable or non-pourable).

What is Hillary Clinton favorite type of ice cream?

Why is this under Jonas Brothers? This is unknown. Rumors say Clinton likes strawberry, but the sources are unaccuarate. No one knows except her. (;

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cream and carrot soup

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I believe it is a mild type of cortisone cream for eczema.

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