What is kicking wire experiment?

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a kicking wire experiment is an experiment which uses currents

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Q: What is kicking wire experiment?
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What kind of connecting wire should be used in physics Lab thinner or thicker?

If the electrical characteristics of the wire itself are not part of the experiment, then the wire should be thick and short. This minimizes both the resistance and inductance of the wire, and therefore the chances that the effects of the wire could influence the observations of the experiment.

What is the function of wire mesh in science experiment?

good conductor

What is it called when you move a bar magnet in and out of a wire coil?

An experiment.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of the experiment?

a advanage of a scienciftic vocal of the eperiment is recoming the opion of the varbol wire and a disadvantage well the control of the varbol wire

Is the experiment to investigate the relationship between the size of the electric current passing through a length of wire and its heating effect the same as the experiment to prove joule's law?

yes the experiment is to prove Joules law. :)

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