What is known of the actual words if Jesus?

Updated: 3/20/2020
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Q: What is known of the actual words if Jesus?
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What was the real birth of Jesus?

Jesus' actual date of birth is not known.

What is known of the actual words Jesus?

The actual words of Jesus are known to be what s written in red in most bibles. It is also known that Jesus only said what God told him to say.

When did Saint Anne give birth to Mary the mother of Jesus?

The actual date is not known but it probably occurred about 15-16 BC.

What is know of the actual word of Jesus?

Although the gospels quote the words of Jesus in precise detail, we do not really know if they reflect anything Jesus really said. The Jesus Seminar concluded that just 18 per cent of sayings and stories about Jesus to be authentic, but critics such as Robert M. Price regard even this figure as overly optimistic.

What age did Jesus Christ die at and where is it in the bible?

I don't think His actual age is known, but if you just look in an index of a Bible, you'll find it.

Where is the statement Happy are those the rain falls on for they will see God?

Jesus' words which became known as the beatitudes.

What is the birth date and birth place of Jesus Christ?

The actual date is not known , but the early christians put December 25th as, the pagans celebrated it as Saturns birthday.

Why did Jesus say slay them?

If you are referring to the parable in Luke 19:12-27, Jesus didn't say those words, "a certain nobleman" did, and since it is a parable, the man who is portrayed as saying those words is not even an actual person. The parable is a depiction of Jesus second coming, so that "nobleman" is Jesus Christ, but only figuratively. And the words "slay them" are just an illustration of the judgement that awaits the enemies of God and His anointed king when He comes.

What is Jesus' starsign?

Since we do not know the actual date of Jesus' birth, we can not know his star sign.

How many words can you make for Jesus loves me?

Words that can be made from 'Jesus loves me' are:eelelmelvesemueveleelesslesseeleveeloloselosslosseslouselovememeleemessmolemossmousemoussemovemulemusemussmusselovumseeseemseemlessselvessleeveslumsosolesolvesomesoulsuesumsumoususeuselessvesselvolevolume

Did Jesus really speak all the words the Gospels say He said?

A:Probably not. The original known accounts of Jesus' mission are Mark's Gospel and the hypothetical 'Q' document so any words, attributed to Jesus but not in these two books, are unlikely to have been spoken by Jesus.Even Mark's author used poetic licence in attributing words to Jesus. He says that Jesus's last words on the cross were, "My God. My God. Why hast thou forsaken me?" But this was taken verbatim from Psalm 2:1, something a dyingman would not think to do.

What is follower of faith known as to christians?

The followers of the christian faith are known as christians because they are followers of the words of a person called Jesus Christ. Christ means 'the anointed one'.