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"La 5ta estacion's best selling album was their 4th studio album, Sin Frenos, which went all the way to number one on the US charts and was certified gold."

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Q: What is la 5ta estacion best sold album?
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47k -6i kh,G 47k -5u ko,B 44g -no lq,B 41m -34 CD,B 438 -3e bv,B 43i -2g bu,B 420 -2g c6,B 40o -8e gs,B 412 -ak g5,B 404 -84 gc,B 3tu -68 e9,B 404 -8o e7,B 42u -9m fq,B 46c -9m i9,B 44g -ak i2,B 47a -8e i5,B 47a -5a j4,B 470 -42 l8,B 46m -34 m0,B 45o -34 lq,B 44q -2q ma,B 446 -3e mg,B 42k -2q c6,B 40e -3o d0,B 40e -4c CD,B 404 -6s f0,B 3us -6s f1,B 3v6 -6i er

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