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I believe the term you are looking for is "Lactose Intolerant." This is when your body is unable to metabolize, or tolerate, a sugar found in milk and other dairy products called Lactose. A person with lactose intolerance (and who is therefore lactose intolerant) cannot digest the sugar, and so bacteria in the gut do, producing gas and making the person feel unwell.

The term is, as a matter of fact - lactose intolerant. BUT, if you were answering the question "What is Lack Toast and Tolerant?" then this would be the answer:

Let's break it up so that we can get to the bottom of this.

1. Lack Toast
  • You have a lack of toast.
  • You don't eat or have enough toast in your body.
  • Or maybe, you love toast and you don't have enough of it. "YOU HAVE A LACK OF TOAST!"

2. And Tolerant
  • And you're tolerant.
  • So, basically, you put up with it.

So, your answer would be: You don't have enough toast but you'll put up with it. (if possible!)
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What is community tolerance?

Community Tolerance . Community Tolerance . is what your community will tolerate. Tolerate means to handle or be able to take something. For example, your community might not tolerate litter. This means that they do not want anyone to litter in that community. To be on your patrol officers' go ( Full Answer )

What is a toast?

To "toast" means to lift a glass, usually filled with alcohol, and say something nice to or about the people you are "toasting," then everyone takes a drink to agree with the sentiments.

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Tolerance is: the power or capacity of an organism to tolerate unfavorable environmental conditions; a disposition to allow freedom of choice and behavior; the willingness to recognize and respect the beliefs or practices of others; a clearance between surfaces allowing some freedom to move with ( Full Answer )

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Tolerance is important because it helps people to accept who others are and to create a better understanding of others views, religions, cultures and ethnicity.

What is tolerence?

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What is toast?

Toast is bread that has been put in a toaster and browned so it is crunchy and crispy. In effect, it is sort of cooked, although that is not a very good explination in my opinion. Happy Toasting :D Another answer Toast is bread after it is heated and turns brown and crispy. Examples of toast toppi ( Full Answer )

Does the lack of maltase cause gluten tolerance?

Assuming you mean intolerance instead of tolerance, no. Gluten intolerance is a genetic autoimmune disorder where the immune system targets the intestine when certain forms of gluten reach the digestive tract. Maltase is an enzyme for digesting complex sugars. There is a lot of "intellectual c ( Full Answer )

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Toast was first named by the Egyptions who made it, they would call it "Magic plant". Then the English found how to make the bread and named it toast because you can toast it far. They also came up with another name for it: Fargon, and later changed it.

What is a tolerance?

It is the range on what is allowable on a dimension. If the tolerance on a Ø.500 hole is ±.003, the actual part could measure Ø.497 to Ø.503

Why lack of tolerance among adolescents girls?

generally mood swings. one minute youre happy, on top of the world, next youre realy sad and get angry at a bee buzzing across the top of your eeline. nothing you can really do except try to be tolerant of their intolerance, if that makes sense

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A term to describe people extending basic constitutional rights(public speaking, publish newspaper and news, and running foroffices) to go for/against offensive groups and ideas.

What is fault tolerance?

Fault tolerance is a computer's ability to respond to a fault or catastrophe, such as a hardware failure or power outage, so that data is not lost.

What is lactose in tolerent?

that you can't have anything with milk in it, on it, any thinng like that. It is a fancy word for alergic to milk.

How tolerant is Islam?

Islam can be regarded as more tolerant than Christianity, but less so than Zoroastrianism and the Eastern religions. Historically, Christians and Jews have always been relatively well tolerated in Islamic countries. For comparison, when the crusading Christians conquered Jerusalem, they slaughtered ( Full Answer )

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The toaster contains a variable resistor (timer knob on the outside) that changes the charge rate of the capacitors. When the capacitors are fully charged, the release the toast.

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Do all toasters toast toast?

No. Toasters toast bread. If you try to toast toast you end up with burnt bread.

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Good ways to tolerate things is by ignoring stuff that upsets you.

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One word used to describe people that are intolerant of diversegroups of people is a xenophobe. Historically, ethnic minoritiesand religious minorities have been the focus of xenophobes.

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Two reasons, way back in early Greek times an easy way to get rid of someone was to poison their wine, whether it be a political assassination or just a no good spouse. It became a common practice for the host to drink along with the guests from a common pitcher to signify the gathering was friend ( Full Answer )

Lack of tolerance of diverse groups?

An example of this the treatment of African Americans in the middle on the 1900's when they wanted to be educated and not all schools would allow them to study.

What is acute tolerance?

The ability to reply to some of the Wikanswer questioners without speaking ones mind! Note: this does not include you!

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many people ask what is tolerent behaviour well i can give you theanswer and the answer is to scratch your bum and pick your nosr

What is a synonym for tolerant?

broad, open-minded, humane, fair, easygoing, advanced, complaisant, wide, understanding, sophisticated, soft, benevolent, indulgent, lenient, patient, merciful, sympathetic, liberal, big

How long do you toast toast?

That depends on how you like your toast. But I recommend 1 minute 30 seconds. OBJECTION: You cannot toast toast. Just thought I should point that out there.

What is agrichemical tolerance?

agrochemical just refers to chemicals used in agriculture. Tolerance usually refers to insect tolerance or resistance to products since they adapt and surviving generations become increasingly hard to kill and it take a greater concentration or amount of product. For example, thanks to the bubonic p ( Full Answer )

What is Christianity tolerance?

All people are God's image. There is only one race on earth, and it's the human race. All people are morally bad. There is no good people. There is only 1 good person, and that is Jesus the Christ, who came and died so that those who trust in him can have a righteous standing before God. And Jes ( Full Answer )

Is tolerance a weakness?

Definitely not. Tolerance, by definition (thanks to dictionary.com) is 1. a fair, objective, and permissive attitude toward those whose opinions, practices, race, religion, nationality, etc., differ from ones own; freedom from bigotry. 2. a fair, objective, and permissive attitude toward opinions a ( Full Answer )

What is lactate tolerance?

Lactose intolerance is the inability to metabolize lactose, because of a lack of the required enzyme lactase in the digestive system.

Is tolerant an adjective?

Yes it is. It means lenient, sympathetic or forbearing, especiallyto strange or different ideas or cultures.

Why is racism tolerated?

There are really a lot of racists in the world; you can try to fight racism, but it is not possible to put all the racists of the world in jail, or send them to re-education facilities until they give up their racism. We do not have the resources for such a project even if it were possible to enact ( Full Answer )

What is tolerance when driving?

Tolerance in this case refers to calmness in the face of others stupidity and reckless behaviour.

Can you toast toast?

No, you can only toast bread. You can in theory if you partly toast bread then toast it again at a later period, then you would be toasting toast, as the first toasting changes the bread. toasting a full toasted toast would make it burn and possibly start on fire.

What is tolerance- biology?

the ability of an organism to survive when subjected to abiotic factors or biotic factors is called tolerance.

Why does toast toast?

Toast is in effect the heating of bread against a inferred heat source. Its the same as baking the bread in the first instance. The dough become hot and stats in effect to burn (going brown) if the dough is left against tithe heat long enough it will turn black

How do you become lack toast and tolerant?

Basically, you have a lack of toast, which means you don't have enough toast in your system. And you're tolerant, so you put up with it. So basically, you put up with having not enough toast.

What is religion tolerance?

Religious tolerance is the policy to extend religious freedom to people of all religious traditions, even though one may well disagree with their beliefs and/or practices

What is fold tolerance?

It is the range on what is allowable on a dimension. If the tolerance on a Ø.500 hole is ±.003, the actual part could measure Ø.497 to Ø.503 .

What does tolerable mean?

Tolerable Mean Able To Be Endured You are patient and can tolerate things to a certain level.

What is lacked toss n tolerant?

I think you mean "lactose intolerant." Lactose is milk sugar. All small babies can digest lactose, but many people lose their ability to digest it as they get older--that is why they get sick from drinking milk. People who can still digest milk sugar as adults are "lactose tolerant"; people who can ( Full Answer )

What is tolerance-?

The official definition for the word tolerance is "the ability orwillingness to tolerate something, in particular the existence ofopinions or behavior that one does not necessarily agree with."

How does the lack of tolerance lead to fighting in Islam?

This is not a problem unique to Islam. If you do not tolerate andaccept difference in society, this will necessarily lead toconflict between those who adhere to the dominant view and thosewho do not, because people will not accept others forcibly changingor repressing their beliefs.