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More than million people live in Bangladesh

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Has resulted from China's extremely rapid development

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Q: What is life like for children in Pakistan?
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Is Pakistan worth living?

Pakistan is a developing country will get better in the future yes it is worth living if you want a life not like uk 90% work no life

What does Pakistan Children Federation do and How do we get membership of it?

Pakistan Children Federation is a very new political party stands for the rights of children of Pakistan. The federation started giving free membership at facebook. Join the group 'Pakistan Children Federation' at facebook.There's a weekly newspaper rises from Islamabad named 'Students File'. If you are a child, then fight for children rights to have a great future of children of Pakistan.

Life is better in India or Pakistan?

life is better in Pakistan

How do you setup a children garments shop in Pakistan?

On the business end of things, starting a children's garment shop in Pakistan is the same as starting any other business in Pakistan.

How village life change in Pakistan if electricity was brought to it?

It was like a typical rural life before electricity arrived in most of the villages in 1970s. Electricity has totally changed their lifestyle and now no village is left in Pakistan without electricity.

What was life like for wealthy children?

it was CRACCY! =] haha

Importance of Pakistan Studies in our life?

importance of Pakistan studies

What was life like for children in Mesopotamia?

the daily life in mesopotamia was dum.

What where children's life like during the revolutionary war?

their life was hard

What is the life expectancy rate in Pakistan?

The life expectancy in Pakistan is 64 years for men and 67.5 years for women.

How are the working conditions for children in Pakistan?

The difficult conditions of working children

Do children in Pakistan get homework?

Yes They Do!

What was life like for children in 1839?

it was pore for them

What was life like for children in 1920?


What was life like for the colonial children?


The location of The children's place in Lahore?

There r many places for children in Lahore like minar e Pakistan , royal mosque . Red fort . Zoo park

What you like most about Pakistan?

I like the people and Northren area of Pakistan

What was daily life like for children of the Jewish ghettos?

life was bad. no food

What is life like for immigrant children now in the United States?

the life like for immigrants children now in the united states is very good because they could do many thing they want

What kind of games do the children play in Pakistan?

CHILDREN play field hocky

What immigration laws are there for people moving from India to Pakistan?

There are no specific immigration laws that pertain specifically to people moving from India to Pakistan. The rules are the same for everybody. Some of the people that are permitted to apply for citizenship of to immigrate to Pakistan are parents of people who live in Pakistan, children of people who live in Pakistan, people who have resided in Pakistan for more than five years, and the spouses and children of Pakistani citizens.

Do all children go to school in Pakistan?

no less than half the kids in Pakistan go to school

What was daily life like for Egyptian children?

life 4 children in Egypt is very bad they are slaves and usally die of hunger anyway

How do you Join Pakistan army as a cadet on graduate basis?

i sarve my life for pakistan

What was life for children like in the 1600s in London?