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Like normal .. Unless you`re high , then .. well .. you`re high . You get extremely affectionate and horny . Music sounds extra amazing , and you just feel incredibly good about yourself and everything around you . You`ll probably do or say things you wouldn`t normally do or say . It`s like the feeling you get when , say , you met your favorite band of all time , but constant , for 4 hours . It doesn`t really affect your every-day life though , unless you are an 'e-tard' , then it can affect your intelligence level , and I know a few people who struggle with reading due to the drug .

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What does death feel like?

Ecstasy It leaves you feeling at peace, its like right before you die, you have a flashback of your whole life. It is ecstasy. In a weird way, we'll all find out. One way or another. Sooner or later.

The Agony and the Ecstasy starring Charlton Heston was about the life of?


How long is ecstasy in urine for?

you whole life you will never get rid of it

What are the side effects of snorting ecstasy?

A messed up life.

How does ecstasy affect your mental health?

Ø This site is dedicated to those who have found their life severely impacted by ecstasy effects and need ecstasy rehab. Ecstasy, a street name given for the chemical MDMA, is a synthetic, psychoactive , neurotoxic drug with many negative effects. Ecstasy has similar structure to stimulants, like cocaine, and hallucinogenics like LSD. Also similar to cocaine and amphetamines is the highly addictive nature of ecstasy effects. Another commonality of ecstasy and all other abused drugs is the down-side, the negative often long-lasting ecstasy effects that far outweigh the few short term pleasures listed above. Here are a few that may come as quickly as the first dose and increase with continued usage.

What does ecstasy tablets look like?

There are hundreds of different types of ecstasy pills, and the look varies. You might get a pill that's white and has a pokeball stamped on it. Or you may get a red pill with a Macintosh computer stamped on it. Sometimes ecstasy comes in clear capsules. It really just depends, but an ecstasy tablet can look like anything (well, any pill at least.)

What category is amphetamines in?

Stimulants. It's like ecstasy.

What is the abbreviation for ecstasy?

Scientifically ecstasy is known as 3,4-methylenedioxymethamphetamine. Since that is a mouthful and is hard to say it is abbreviated to MDMA. You can abbreviate ecstasy with "X" or "XTC" but those are not official abbreviations like MDMA is. Ecstasy can also be known as Adam and if it is pure will sometimes be called Molly(Ecstasy off the street is almost never pure).

What makes Ecstasy addictive?

Like other drugs which stimulate dopamine release, Ecstasy produces an intoxication - withdrawal cycle. After all, Ecstasy is methylenedioxymethamphetamine, a potent amphetamine and hallucinogen. Ecstasy rapidly can become physically addictive, although there is also a psychological component to addiction, as well.

How long does ecstasy stay in your blood stream?

Half life of ecstasy (MDMA) is from 2 to 4 hours in the body. But all depends on the dose, what you took with it and bunch of other stuff.

Is Esctacy a Stimulant?

Ecstasy (MDMA) can act as a stimulant, hallucinogen, and entactogen. Also common impurities in ecstasy pills like amphetamines definitely are stimulates.

How do you use the word ecstacy in a sentence?

You could use ecstasy in sentence like: "The cat wriggled in ecstasy on finding a new patch of catnip in the garden."

What is an example of a sentence using the word ecstasy?

Ecstasy is an illegal drug.She was in a state of sheer ecstasy.

Sentence using ecstasy?

She was on ecstasy.

Ecstasy in a sentence?

Ecstasy is a feeling (proud) for example.. my mother was ecstasy after she gave birth.

What has the author Rudolph Grey written?

Rudolph Grey has written: 'Nightmare of Ecstasy- The Life and Art of Edward D. Wood, Jr' 'Nightmare of Ecstasy' -- subject(s): Criticism and interpretation

How long will ecstasy show in your body?

For like about 2 to 3 days

What is the duration of a high with ecstasy?

Ha like you could get real ecstasy; but the bathtub yack that passes for it now is good--to poorly use the term--for about 4 hours.

Why were Michelangelo's sculptures so lifelike?

I think one reason for the acute life-like forms were his earlier experience in the dissecting of bodies. Read the Agony and Ecstasy by Irwin Stone!

What has the author Margot Anand written?

Margot Anand has written: 'The art of everyday ecstasy' -- subject(s): Ecstasy, Hinduism, Religious aspects, Religious aspects of Sex, Sex, Spiritual life, Tantrism 'The Sexual Ecstasy Workbook' -- subject(s): OverDrive, Family & Relationships, Nonfiction, Self-Improvement 'Magie des Tantra' 'Sexual Ecstasy'

Does ecstasy have THC?

No. Ecstasy is MDMA, not THC.

What is the Greek word for ecstasy?

Έκσταση (ecstasy).

What drug category is Ecstasy in?

Ecstasy is an amphetamine.

How do you spell ecstasy?

The correct spelling is "ecstasy".

Is Adderall like Ecstasy?

yea, it is. It has much similar euphoric effects, that are incredible!

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