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What is light measured in?

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The measurement of light is in lumins. Pronounced ( loo-mins)

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The power pf light bulbs in Measured in?

The power of light bulbs is measured in

The eletrical power of light bulbs measured in what unit?

The electricity used by a Lightbuldb is measured in "Watts", the output of the Light (i.e. the Light) is measured in "Candela".

When was the speed of light measured?

It was measured in 1887.

The power of the light bulbs is measured in what?

The amount of power they consume is measured in watts. The amount of light they put out is measured in lumens.

What unit are light bulbs measured in?

Light bulb power consumption is measured in watts.

Are the stars measured in light years?

Stars are not measured in light years. The distance between them is.

How was the speed of light measured?

In light speed.

How is light measured?

Light is measured with a photometer the units for measuring light is lumens.Wattage is not the measure of brightness but the measure of the amount of power it uses in your home.

What is measured in candelas?


What is measured in Lamberts?


The size of galaxies are measured in?

They are measured in light years. Galaxies are often 100,000 light years across or more.

Is a light year measured in distance?

Yes. Unlike Earth years, a light year is measured in distance not time.

How is outer space measured?

Outer space is measured in light years

What is sound and light measured in?

it is measured in watts for lights and decimals for sound

What is light energy measured in?

Light travels in the form of discrete paritcles called photons. These are measured by a unit called quantum.

Light bulbs are measured in units of what?

Light bulb are measured in Candela (Cd) for its luminous intensity and Watt for its power consumed.

How many watts of light does the Sun have?

Light is not measured in watts

Star distance measured by what?

Stars are measured in units called light-years

The power of light bulbs is measured in what?

the unit which are measured for power of lights are watts....

Who measured the speed of light?


What is a light bulb measured in?


What can be measured in nanometres?

vissible light

What are light bulbes measured in?


What is the light wave measured as?


What instrument measures brightness of light?

The brightness of light is measured with a photometer.