What is lipophilic adhesion?

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What is lipophilic?

Lipophilic is a substance that dissolves in or mix consistently with lipids.

What are the differences between 'lipophilic' and 'hydrophobic'?

they are the same.

What is the nature of solute-solvent interaction?

the nature of interaction depends on whether they are lipophilic or hydrophilic. if both are hydorphilic ionic interaction, both lipophilic hydrogen bonding. ionic if lipophilic-hydrophilic.

What kinds of drug need to be lipophilic?

Drugs which are administered percutaneously, sublingually, or have to cross the blood brain barrier have to be lipophilic.

Why is Xenon lipophilic?

Yes. Xenon is lipophilic and exhibits affinity for cavities in macromolecular interiors. Xenon's lipophilic behavior has been shown from its partition with long-chain hydrocarbons and from its in vitro and in vivo partition with fatty tissue.

Can you explain hydrophilic lipophilic?

Hydrophilic means something that is attracted to or absorbed by water. Lipophilic is something that is attracted to or absorbed by fat.

Are steroids lipophilic?

Yup. They sure are.

What is principal of adhesion?

There are many different concepts that go into the principle of adhesion. The principle of adhesion is a guideline as to why adhesion works.

Which pesticides are most lipophilic?

Lipophilic pesticides are those that are soluble in the fatty tissues of animals such as fish and people. DDT is the main pesticide with this quality.

What is the product of a capillary action?

adhesion. adhesion.

How do you use the word adhesion in a sentence?

She was worried about the adhesion of the bandage over the weeping skin. The temporary adhesion of the 3M Sticky Note was revolutionary The adhesion of a molecule into a biosphere

Adhesion of water?

how does adhesion affect the functioning of living organisms

What is the difference in a keloid and an adhesion?

what is the difference between a keloid and an adhesion

What is the definition of lipophilic?

Having an affinity for or capable of dissolving in lipids.

Why is drug metabolism needed?

Drug metabolism is needed is lipophilic drugs cannot be cleared renally. These lipophilic drugs need to be metabolised into more polar products so that they can be excreted in the urine.

Why are lipophilic viruses easier to kill?

Lipophilic viruses require the lipid (fatty) envelope to remain active ("live"*), and the fatty layer can be destroyed by alcohol. Non-lipophilic viruses do not require this fatty envelope, and the protein layer (capsid) is more resistant to alcohol. *Note: viruses are not actually alive, they are only genetic codes with 1 or 2 (lipophilic) protective layers. Biologists call "live" viruses *active* and "dead" viruses *inactive* or *inactivated*.

What is the function of adhesion?

Adhesion is the phenomenon of "stickyness." It has many, many applications.

How is adhesion used in a sentence?

His adhesion to his ideals made him a respected man.

What property of water causes adhesion?

Hydrogen bonds cause adhesion.

How does adhesion and cohesion results to the formation of a meniscus?

if adhesion>cohesion, concave meniscus from out if ahesion<cohesion, convex if adhesion=cohesion, flat surface

How do differences in surfaces affect the adhesion of tape?

How is differences in surface affect the adhesion f tape? Does the type of surface affect the adhesion of tape?

What is solubility time?

Solubility time is the amount of time required to dissociate the chemical. There are two differing solubilities; aqueous and lipophilic. Aqueous implies water, and lipophilic dissolve into a hydrophobic organic solvent.

What doesn't belong in the group element compound chemical bonds and adhesion?


What is the influence of adhesion and cohesion in liquid?

what ia the influence of adhesion and cohesion on liquid

Is epinephrine lipophilic?

slightly log P of 1.35 is barely cutting it