What is lisbon portugals climate?

Updated: 8/10/2023
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it is warm like the inside of a vagina:a little slimy too

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Christopher Columbus grew up in

During the Renaissance Europeans uncovered knowledge collected by the Greeks and

Columbus sailed from Spain on August 3 1492

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Lisbon has a really nice climate and that is why you should visit Lisbon

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Q: What is lisbon portugals climate?
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What are Portugals best tourist attractions?

The Capital Lisbon The Algarve beaches

What is Portugals government?

Portugals form of governemt is a parlamentary democracy.

Where does Portugals government live?

The Parliament is in São Bento's Palace The Prime-minister official residence is in a small palace nearby the parliament; The President's official residence is in Belém Palace All of them in Lisbon.

What is Portugals population?

portugals population is about 10,566,212 people. but to estimate about 10.5 million people

What is Portugals region?

Portugal is located on the Iberian Peninsula in extreme southwestern Europe.

What is the coldest temperature in lisbon?

As you can probably guess, it varies. We have a mediterranean climate, if that helps you.

Was coimbra portugals capital city?

No it is not

What is Portugals vegetation type?


The story about Cristiano Ronaldo?

Christiana Ronaldo came from a poor family in Portugals Mareida island, but as his father was a drunkard and got the family in debt, the hometown club sold him to Sporting Lisbon club. And then Ferguson got him for 12 million pounds.

Who sponsored Prince Henry?

the portugals and his father

Who sre portugals past star players?

dont no

When was portugals first Christmas celebrated?

December 25