What is logging?

Logging is the process by which certain trees are cut down by a machine for forest management and timber.
Logging is a term also used in the oil and gas business.
The work can be doe either before or during or after the well is developed by one of several ways. The purpose is to establish a "log" or record of the underground strata to determine where the oi or gas is located. This allows the potential for discoveries in similar rock strata to be evaluated.
Types of logging include:
  • Seismic logging: A series of explosions is set off on the surface and the location and strength of the echo is evaluated to determine the depth and nature of the various rock layers.
  • Coring: A test hole is drilled and pods of the rock the hollow drill bit penetrates are collected and examined. This is also used in hard rock mining to locate ore bodies.
  • In-hole logging: Various sonic, and radiation devises are lowered into the production well to identify the rock types and locations.