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A logic family is the type of components used to make logic gates on an IC. Some include: RTL: Resistor-Transistor Logic DL: Diode logic TTL: Transistor-Transistor Logic - used in 7400 series chips CMOS: Complimentary Metal Oxide - used in 4000 series chips ECL: Emitter-coupled Logic RTL and DL are rarely if ever used for actual chips. CMOS chips can be destroyed by too much static electricity.

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Q: What is logic family in digital electronics?
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What is use of logic gates?

All digital electronic circuits are composed of logic gates. Without logic gates there would be no digital electronics.

What is TTl in digital electronics?

transistor transistor logic

Digital electronics logics gate?

and gates or gates nor gates nand gates are the electronics logic gates.

What are the subjects in the electronics and communication?

signal and system,digital logic design , engineering maths,

What is the importance of digital electronics in society?

Digital electronics involves logic 0 and logic 1. It involves the devices and circuits such as gates, flip-flops, latches etc. The basic idea of Digital electronics is mandatory for microprocessor & microcontroller and also for computer architecture. So, any application which involves microprocessor or a computer have digital electronics in it. It can be security applications, error correcting & error detecting , power saving circuits etc.

What is digital electronic?

Digital Electronics deals with logic 1 and logic 0, where logic 1 is represented by one voltage and logic is represented by another voltage.(ie. it is a discrete representaiton of analog signals). The main advantage of digital signals over analog signal is that it is less prone to noise.

What is logic connections?

According to DIGITAL electronics logic connection can be defined as the combination of gates to realised a particular logic function. e.g decoder; multiplexer; demultiplexer etc

What is the difference between OR diagram and OR circuit?

OR diagram is a drawing or plan of the digital logic OR function, it is not able to actually do anything only tell a person something about this logic functionOR circuit is the actual electronics implementing the digital logic OR function, it is actually able to carry out this logic function in a digital device or system

What is digital logic family with minimum power dissipation?


What has the author W W Davis written?

W. W. Davis has written: 'Logic circuit simulation and automatic fabrication' -- subject(s): Logic circuits, Digital electronics, Digital computer simulation

What has the author William Kleitz written?

William Kleitz has written: 'Digital electronics with VHDL, Quartus version' -- subject(s): Digital electronics, VHDL (Computer hardware description language), Data processing 'Digital and Microprocessor Fundamentals' -- subject(s): Logic circuits, Digital electronics, Microprocessors 'Instructors Solution Manual'

Why ECL is faster than TTL in digital electronics?

Because in ECL logic Transistors doesn't go to saturation region hence saving the recovery time and making this family the faster.

What has the author Nicholas L Pappas written?

Nicholas L. Pappas has written: 'Digital design' -- subject(s): Digital electronics, Logic design

How does emitter coupled logic works?

In electronics, emitter-coupled logic, or ECL, is a logic family in which current is steered through bipolar transistors to prevent saturation.

What has the author Richard F Tinder written?

Richard F. Tinder has written: 'Digital engineering design' -- subject(s): Digital electronics, Logic design

What is a latch in electronics?

A latch is an electronic switch using digital logic that will hold the logic level at its output (1 or 0) that was last applied to its input. Many types of latches are shown at

What is logic for ground in digital electronics?

In some types of electronic design you may have Digital circuits also called Logic Circuits and Analog circuits. Each circuit may have separate power and ground lines. So you may see the notation on a schematic for Logic Ground or Analog ground.

What are different types of electronics components?

Digital electronics e.g (digital camera), and Analog electronics

What is logic 0 and logic 1?

Logic 0 and logic 1 are the two states in digital (or binary) logic. A binary numbering system has but two numbers: 0 and 1. In contrast, we use a decimal system with 10 numbers: 0 to 9. The area of algebra that addresses binary (2-state) logic is called Boolean. In Boolean a logic 0 may be refered to as 'low', 'off' or 'false'; a logic 1 as 'high', 'on' or 'true'. Boolean logic is the foundation of digital electronics.

What is applied electronics?

Applied electronics is a field that includes computer analysis and digital logic. Graduates of Applied Electronics Engineering are qualified to work as field support engineers, security specialists, project engineers and may other professions.

What has the author Mark G Karpovsky written?

Mark G. Karpovsky has written: 'Spectral logic and its applications for design of digital devices' -- subject(s): Mathematics, Spectrum analyisis, Logic design, Digital electronics, Signal processing, Methodology, Spectral theory (Mathematics)

What has the author Richard L Castellucis written?

Richard L. Castellucis has written: 'Digital circuits and systems' -- subject- s -: Digital electronics 'Pulse and Logic Circuits - Electronic Technology Series -'

How does an electric switch help in an electric circuit?

Electrical switch is used to perform all the logical operations in a digital circuit.There is no digital electronics with out an electrical switch.Usually (in positive logic), The logic level is considered as HIGH (1) when switch is OFF, and as LOW (0) when switch is ON.

What are the kinds of electronics?

Electronics divides in analogue and digital one. Electronics is a physical branch of electron emission and behavior. Analog and digital are not two kind of electronics.

What are the modern trends in digital electronics?

Two modern trends in digital electronics: smaller and faster.