What is made in Denmark?

Lego is made in Denmark.
HC Andersen (author, of 3 ugly ducklings, the price and the pea, and the little mermaid.

Also, Novo Nordisk manufactures three kinds of insulin- Novolog, Levamere & Victosa.

Hans Christian Andersen is the most famous man in Denmark, Mermaid statue is the most famous place of interest, and Denmark is the most happy country in th e world !

Denmark is famous for it's bacon & is one of the largest exporter. The Danes are known for their sweet tooth, producing one of the best pastries & candies in the World. It is renowned for it's Beer & 2 of the top brands Carlsberg & Tuborg are made here. Lego Lego the popular children game originated in Denmark. The Fairytale author Hans Christian Anderson famous for stories like 'The Ugly Duckling', Little Mermaid, & Thumbelina was Danish. The Brave warrior race the Viking's originated from Denmark. More than 300 billion pieces of Lego has been sold worldwide since it was 1st made in the early 1930s.