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Q: What is made of a combination of simple machines that perform work?
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What are similarities between simple and complex machines?

The similarities are that simple and complex machines are both made up of simple machines

Why is a screw a simple machine and not a compound machine?

Compound machines are things that are made up of 1 or more simple machines. A screw isn't made up of any simple machines unless you count the screw as a simple machine.

Are wheelbarrows simple machines?

No. It's a compound machine made of two simple machines: lever and wheel & axle.

What are six simple machines that all other machines are made from?

Caste iron

Machines that are made up of two or more simple machines are called?

compound machine

What do you call a simple machine made of two simple machines?

coumpound machine

Is a gumball machine a simple machine?

No. It is a compound machine. It is made of simple machines.

Is plastic a simple machine?

plastic can be made into simple machines, but no plastic itself isn't a simple machine.

What is a compound machine?

A compound machine is a machine made of two or more simple machines.A compound machine also moves in more tha one movement.Any combination of simple machines working togethera combination of 2 simple machines.. (simple machines include lever, inclined plane,wedge,screw,pulley,wheel and axle,)examples of compound machines are bicycle fork knife and car..compound machinemachine made up of a combination of two or more simple machines.Compound machines are machines that consist of one or more simple machines (such as a screw and a pulley or a lever and a wedge).A compound machine is a machine made out of two or more simple machines (such as a screw and a pulley or a lever and a wedge).Machine - is a device that helps us do work (work is a force that acts on an object to make the object move. To get work, you multiply force by distance)A simple machine - is a tool or device made up of one basic machine (there are 6 simple machines screw, ramp/inclined plane, wedge, pulley, wheel and axele, and levers.)ex. of simple machines are: (screw - screw, hose nozzle, etc.) (inclined plane - slide, ramp etc. ) (wedge -chisel, knife, etc.) (pulley - crane, flagpole, etc.) (wheel and axle - door knob, steering wheel, bicycle wheel, etc.) (Lever - 1st class lever: see -saw, 2nd class leer: wheelbarrow, 3rd class Lever: hockey stick, broom, etc.)a Complex Machine - is a system in which simple machines all work together, parts of a complex machine that have just one function are called subsystems and often contain a simple machine.ex. of complex machines can be as simple as scissors, or as complicated as a lab topA complex machine is really 2 or more simple machines in one machineex. Car or a bicycle

What kind of machine is made is made of two or more simple machines?

A compound machine.

A machine made of several simple machines is called?

A compound machine.

A machine made of many simple and compound machines is called what?