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  1. Tagalog: Mahal kita
  2. Cebuano: Higugmaon tika
  3. Ilocano: Ay-ayaten ka
  4. Hiligaynon: Palangga ta ikaw
  5. Bicolano: Namomotan ta ka
  6. Waray: Higugmaon ko ikaw
  7. Kapampangan: Mekamasal la kung ika
  8. Pangasinense: Marayag ya saray
  9. Maranao: Guinillang ko ikaw
  10. Tausug: Ayat kaw
  11. Ivatan: Ayayaten ka
  12. Surigaonon: Gimahal ko ikaw
  13. Aklanon: Gugma ko ikaw
  14. Kinaray-a: Gugma ta ikaw
  15. Chavacano: Ta ama contigui yo
  16. Ifugao: Nucad ka
  17. Yakan: Sayang kamu
  18. Maguindanao: Kalas kong minamah ka
  19. Yapese: Mwarek a kita
  20. Ibanag: Ay-ayamoka
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Q: What is mahal kita in20 different dialect in Philippines?
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