What is mahshy?

It is an Egyptian food


1. One stick of butter (4 OZ).

2. Four small or three medium onions.

3. One cup of water.

4. One can tomato paste (12 OZ).

5. One Cabbage.

6. Four more cups of water.

7. One small spoons of Salt and 1/4 spoon of Pepper.

8. Four cups Rice.

9. Chopped Parsley.

10. Four chicken cubes.


1.boil the cabbage, so you could peel the layers of the whole cabbage/

2.cut each layer in half, so you have many layers.

3.place some about 5-6 cups of rice into a pot, add some oil, then cut the cilantros on the rice, and the ground beef.

4.after 3-4 minutes add the tomato sauce to the rice, keep to mix it.

5.wait for the rice to cool down, then have your cabbage layers ready.

6.put some rice on a layer and roll it that the rice could not get out.

7.follow step 6 for the whole thing.

8.place your mahshy into a pot, add some soup to the pot and put on the stove.

9. after 15 minutes check to see if Mahshy is cooked.

10 If you follow the steps correct you should have a great recipe.

11.enjoy your Mahshy.