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worth getting it?

quality of product?


price right for the product, NT over or under priced dramatically?

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Why do you need to insert zero before a fraction when typing one?

If you did not, then the number would start wit a decimal point and it is more easy to not notice the decimal point.

Is gknova6 made by treyarch?

yes, and try to notice a few things... notice the man in the top left in the window, notice the man with the ak47, notice the man with the strange headgear, being tested on, notice(very very hard) the chalk outline of a Steyr AUG HBAR on the wall at one point, notice the office worker zombies.

What happens if you point at a cemetery?

You will notice that it is there.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of purchasing?

advantages of purchasing : you get what you want and if it lasts for about a year then there was a point of getting it. disadvantages of purchasing : you spend the money you needed for something else that could help you or change you lifestyle.

When do you start point lookout?

as soon as you get the riverboat notice

What should I beware of when looking at use car sales?

First of all, be sure you are shopping at a reputable dealership. Second of all, be sure it has a 27-point or 100-point inspection. You can also request a CarFax Vehicle History Report, which is very revealing. Before purchasing, it is not a bad idea to take it to a local body shop to have it quickly scanned for major issues. Be sure to read all the fine print and ask any questions before purchasing.

What is the point of the game slender?

Its to scare you, is it really that hard to notice?

Evaporation occurs at boilig point or before boiling point?

Evaporation occures before boiling point Evaporation occures before boiling point

What are the release dates for Burn Notice - 2007 Tipping Point 7-11?

Burn Notice - 2007 Tipping Point 7-11 was released on: USA: 22 August 2013

What should be in a PowerPoint about police officers?

The main things that should be in a power point about police officers (notice i answered it in a complete sentence) is that u may want to mention how they lived and saved people....

What are the ratings and certificates for Burn Notice - 2007 Scatter Point 2-5?

Burn Notice - 2007 Scatter Point 2-5 is rated/received certificates of: Netherlands:12 USA:TV-PG

Danish translation for Point?

punkt for things such as there is the point peger for point as in show

Can your employer take 1 and a half days of vacation time for 1 day if you do not give 36 hour notice?

Yes - if you flaunt the rules and don't give the notice required in your contract ! The whole point of your employer requiring 36 hours notice before you take time off - is so they can find a temporary replacement. It's either that - or pass the workload onto your colleagues ! If you choose to ignore the notice period, you should expect to be penalised!

What do the numbers refer to in a 27 or 100 point car inspection?

The 27 and 100 point car inspections refer to the things the mechanic checks before it is sold. It includes things such as the following: door seams, spare tire, dashbard check, cruise control, and brakes.

Whats are things that intersecting?

Things that intersect are things that meet at a particular point.

Is there such thing as a sublimation point?

the sublimation point in such things there are 5 in each sublimation point.

Does a Question mark come before an explanation point?

The explanation point is always before the question mark.

At cedar point do they check your bags?

They normally will not check your bags, but if they notice that have food or other disallowed items that are clearly visible, they'll forbid entry into the park until those things are removed, thrown away, etc.

What Is The Opposites of fog?

i think the answer would be dew because dew is fog just before it hits the dew point. im not sure if this is correct so try to look at other things before you decide this is the answer for you.

What is a person's point of view and when can it be used?

Your point of view is how you see things in the world - your perspective on things. You use it whenever you want to.

What does 'NOTICE personal protective equipment required beyond this point' mean?

It means you must wear protective equipment if you are proceeding past the point of the notice. Protective equipment includes safety eyewear, steel cap toes, safety helmet, gloves. Which ones you need will be defined by the people who placed the notice in the first place.

What is 143 as a decimal?

One hundred forty three 143. (notice the decimal point after the three)

Will male dog notice females on heat before her eggs have dropped and if shes letting him mount her does this mean shes at her fertile point of heat?

Male dogs will notice a female at any stage in heat, however she will not let him mount her until she is ready to be bred. If she has let a male mount her she is at the stage in her heat where she can become pregnant.

If a substace is a liquid already what would it be before the melting point?

It would be solid before it reached the melting point. If it is liquid, it has already reached the melting point.

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