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Q: What is make out paradise about in naruto?
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Will Masashi Kishimoto make the Make-Out Paradise series from Naruto?

He has already written it. Infact, Make-Out Paradise is OLDER than Naruto.

What episode did Ino where a kimono?

It is in Naruto, episode 192 'Ino screams! Chubby Paradise'.Note: Available to watch Naruto or Naruto Shippuden episodes at

What is the name of the book which Kakashi reads?

He reads a book series called Icha Icha or Make out. It is written by Jiorya. It is a erotic series about the author's experiences with love. What the book is about is still a mystery, but book three: Make out tactics kinda blows the whole mystery thing. There are 3 books in the series called: Make out Paradise Make out violence Make out tactics

Are they going make another Naruto after Naruto Shippuden?

No, there won't be any more Naruto after Naruto Shippuden.

What episode do Naruto and Hinata make out?

Naruto and Hinata do not make out.

Make a sentence with the word paradise?

Paradise is a perfect slice of cheesecake.

How do you make Naruto legos?

i honestly have no clue im also trying to make naruto and i cant make the hair

Will Naruto master kubi?

Naruto does eventually master the Kyubi in episode 249 Thank You, if not this episode then 250 Battle in Paradise! The Odd Beast vs. The Monster! in Shippuden but I'm pretty sure its 249

When did Masashi Kishimoto started to make Naruto?

he started to make naruto when he was 12 years old

What happens after you collect all the make-out paradise items in Naruto path of the ninja?

Sorry to tell you but the English version has the "something special" removed from the game to get the reward, I recemend getting the Japanese version. Sorry for the bad news.

Are they going to make Naruto an adult?

yes,they are making naruto as a adult.i dont know if there is a thrid story of naruto when naruto became an anbu:(

How do you make Naruto on the PC?

How do you make him what on the pc?