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Q: What is malted flour used to make malted waffles?
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What is used to make waffles and pancakes?

Well It seems that waffles are better

How does someone cook with coconut flour?

Coconut flour is usually used in baking and can be treated similarly to wheat flour, but should be used in smaller amounts. Coconut flour is ideal for breakfast dishes such as pancakes and waffles and deserts such as crumb cake.

What does malted corn mean?

Malted corn means to partially sprout the corn. Malted corn is used when making beer.

What material was used to make flour sacks?

Cotton was used to make flour sacks.

Stone bowl used to make flour?

stone bowl used to make flour

What flour is used to make pancakes?

any flour

Which flour is used to make pancakes?

plain flour.

How does bread flour compare with regular flour?

Bread flour is softer, and is only used to make bread. While regular flour is used to make anything.

What flour is used to make chocolate eclairs?

corn flour

Can olive oil be used in waffles?

I have used it in waffles as it was all I had. I did not get any complaints.

What were waffles first used for?

waffles were first used in 1910 they were used as bedwarmers for peoples necks

What flour is commonly used to make commercial pasta?

That is durum flour

Can flowers be used to make flour of any kind and could the flour from the flower be used for cooking?

No. Flour is made from grain.

What flour is used to make pasta?

I think you are supposed to use durum flour. :)


they worked as millers to make flour and used the flour to make bread to feed their families.

What type of flour is used to make cookies?

Just basic flour, bleached or unbleached. Bakers flour can be used too. Each flour will have a slightly different taste and texture, but it can all be used.

Can bakers flour be used to make cookies?

It can sometimes be used.

Did they use rice flour to make the great wall of China?

No. They used regular flour.

What do windmills do to make bread?

Windmills grind grain such as wheat into flour, the flour is used by a bakery to make bread.

What flour is used to make bread and why?

Strong flour is used for bread making to create a frame and not let it collapse.

What is a colonial waffle iron?

Something that stupid colonial people used t make. Waffles!

How do you make cake without flour?

you can change the flour with a blend it until like a flour. i used that for more healthy..

What ingredients are used to make pasta?

flour and eggs

What is a Type of grass used to make flour?


A fine powder used to make cakes?