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Margarine is used in a bakers to help make pies, cakes and pastries. It help s them rise

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Q: What is margarine used for in the bakeshop?
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What is Goldilocks Bakeshop SWOT analysis?

Goldilocks Bakeshop SWOT, or Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats, analysis is used to evaluate the business aspects of Goldilocks Bakeshop. This is a strategic planning analysis of the Filipino bakery chain.

Can tub margarine be used in baking?

Yes, tub margarine can be used in baking.

List of Example of a feasibility study for a bakeshop?

a feasibility study on how to start a bakeshop

Do do Bakeshop and bakery are the same?

No. The bakeshop is were they sell the food and the bakery is were the make the food

Who is the owner of goldilocks bakeshop?

The Leelin sisters are the owners of Goldilocks Bakeshop in the Philippines.

What form of sucrose are used in the bakeshop?

Sugar can also be used in both crystalline and liquid forms.

What metal is used as a catalyst to make margarine from vegetable oils?

Nickel Is used as the margarine catalyst.

What is the swot analysis of goldilocks bakeshop?

Goldilocks Bakeshop is a bakery in the Philippines that distributes cakes and baked goods. SWOT analysis can be used for this bakery to identify their strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats.

What gas is used in the manufacture of margarine?

hydrogen and ethene both are used in formation of margarine

What can be used as a substitute for margarine in cake?

Margarine is an inexpensive substitute for butter. Replacing the margarine with butter will produce a better cake.

Can lard be used in place of margarine?

Yes, lard can be used in place of margarine in recipes where a buttery flavor is not essential.

What country used to make margarine and soap?

Many countries have made margarine and soap.

Why is margarine used in cakes?

You can always substitute unsalted butter for margarine. Margarine is used in most recipes because it has become the "healthier" alternative to butter, as it contains substantially less fat.

What is krimwell margerine?

Krimwell margarine is a special type of margarine used to make buttercream frostings.

Can applesauce be used in place of margarine?


Does margarine come from a plant or animal?

Margarine comes from plantsMargarine is made mainly of hydrogenated or refined plant oils and water.Margarine can be used both for spreading or for baking and cookingIt is also commonly used as an ingredient in other food products, such as pastries and cookies.

Was margarine originally used as a fattener for turkeys?


Is whale used in the making of margarine?


Types of margarine?

There are regular margarine, butter-margarine blends, cholesterol-lowering margarines, soft margarine, whipped margarine, liquid margarine, reduced-fat margarine, and fat-free margarine.

What is the function of fat butter and margarine?

The purpose for butter and margarine is that its a fat. it can be used for flavor and it also prevents sticking.

Vision and mission of red ribbon bakeshop?

Red Ribbon bakeshop started out as a hobby and has grown into a successful cakes and pastries business. The goal and mission of Red Ribbon Bakeshop is to "serve great-tasting food, bringing the joy of eating to everyone."

Can margarine be a substitute for oil?

Yes margarine can be used as a susitute for oil. Be aware that some Margarine is whipped up, putting tiny air bubbles in it .... this is meant to make it creamier. If it is whipped then you need to melt the margarine to get the right measurment.

Which element is used as a catalyst in the manufacture of margarine?

The elements in the middle section of the Periodic Table are the transition in the Haber process; Nickel is a catalyst used in the manufacture of margarine.

What was margarine originally used for?

A cheaper substitute for butter.

Can canola oil be used as a substitute for margarine?

yes it can be.