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Q: What is mavado real name?
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Who is Mavado?

Mavado is a Jamaican singer.

How old is mavado the singer?

David Constantine Brooks was born on November 30, 1981, he is better known by his stage name Mavado

How tall is mavado?

mavado is about 5'8.5. Hes not that tall

Are mavado and vybz kartel brothers and Why dont kartel and mavado like each other?

It is because Adi-Teacher s better than Mavado HENCE MAVADO IS JEALOUS

Is mavado in illuminati?


When was Mavado - singer - born?

Mavado - singer - was born on 1981-11-30.

Is mavado in the illuminati group?


Is mavado brother is gay?


How old is Mavado?

Mavado (David C. Brooks) is 36 years old (birthdate November 30, 1981).

Is shebada and mavado brothers?

yes they are

When was the singer Mavado born?

November 30, 1981

Is mavado in a relationship with anyone?

no he is currently not known to be in one

How many children does Mavado have?

Mavado has three children, two boys and one girl. His eldest child is his daughter (10); his son (9) and his youngest son (2).

Who is the top 10 richest reggae artist in Jamaica?


Who is David Constantine Brooks parents?

he is mavado and Jamaican Dancehall artist

Is mavado Illuminati?

No his not,the illuminati are a group of leader men in Europe there long dead

Is mavado gay?

listen to the lyrics,and you will see there is no song about loving men,only wmen

Do mavado worship the devil?

according to flexx in his new diss song dark storm he does

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