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mavado is over 200million dollars rich in money

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Q: Is mavado rich
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Who is Mavado?

Mavado is a Jamaican singer.

How tall is mavado?

mavado is about 5'8.5. Hes not that tall

Who is richest between vybz kartel and mavado?


Are mavado and vybz kartel brothers and Why dont kartel and mavado like each other?

It is because Adi-Teacher s better than Mavado HENCE MAVADO IS JEALOUS

Where does mavado live?

Mavado lives on Kasava piece in Jamaica W i

When was Mavado - singer - born?

Mavado - singer - was born on 1981-11-30.

Is mavado brother is gay?


Is shebada and mavado brothers?

yes they are

What is mavado real name?

david brookes

Did mavado kill drake in find your love?

no she did not.

How old is mavado the singer?

Mavado (David C. Brooks) is 36 years old (birthdate November 30, 1981).

Is mavado in a relationship with anyone?

no he is currently not known to be in one