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The AMD and the Intel worlds are soo close together, but yet soo far apart. I believe the question you ask is what does it compare to as far as Intel is concerned. If you are wondering what Intel CPU it is to be compared to it is the Intel P4 3.06 GHz CPU. I guess the next "Q" is how does it compare. Well the two chip manufactures use two totaly different way to spec. their CPU's. I have personaly wondered which of the two were the best and set out on the quest to find the better CPU for the money, what I found was they were both great CPU's. The benchmarks on the both were over the top but when paired with great PCI Express video, Raid drives and ASUS boards I would recomend the both of them.

There are better people to ask about the dif. in the two, but seeing as how you ask about the 3000+ I would have to asume you go not get into heavy graphics nor do you edit graphics. Just remember with any CPU keep it cool, keep it stable, and it is guarenteed to suceed until it is outdated. At this point in time when I posted this x64 bit is the way to go but remember again the hardware is here laready not the software. Wait on the new "VISTA" to become public then upgrade to the new OS that is being written for the x64."Personal Opinion"

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Q: What is mean by 3000 in AMD Athlon 3000?
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When do you use amd athlon?

I use AMD Athlon everytime I use my PC that I built with the AMD Athlon II X3 450, and I also use AMD Athlon everytime I use my sister's Toshiba Satellite Laptop, or my mom's Compaq laptop. So in short, I use AMD Athlon whenever I'm using a computer that runs off an AMD Athlon which, by the way, are many.

What is an AMD Athlon?

The AMD Athlon is a line of 32-bit microprocessors manufactured by AMD between 199 and 2005. The "Athlon" brand name is continued in other 32-bit and 64-bit processors, such as the Athlon XP, Athlon 64, and Athlon 64 X2.

What is the fastest AMD Athlon?

The fastest "classic" Athlon is the Athlon 1400C. The fastest 32-bit Athlon is probably the Athlon XP 3200+.The fastest processor with the Athlon name is probably the AMD Athlon 64 FX-74.

Which is newer amd athlon x2 or the amd athon II?

ATHLON II is the newer processor

Which is better an AMD Athlon or an AMD Turion processor?

AMD Athlon and Turion are both AMD dual core mobile processors that are used in laptops now. They are both equally good however the Athlon gets better reviews.

Whats the best graphics card for an amd athlon 64 3000?

ATI Radeon 4670, 4650, 4550 or 4350

Can you replace an AMD Athlon XP 1500 with an AMD Mobile Athlon 64 3400 on an MSI KT4V motherboard?

No. The MSI KT4V is a Socket A motherboard. The AMD Mobile Athlon 64 3400 is Socket 754.

What company manufactures Athlon Processor?

AMD is the manufacturer of the Athlon processor.

Which is better Intel celeron 900 joules or amd athlon x2 ql-65?

amd athlon slightle

Who designed the athlon chipmaker?


What is the best processor and is AMD Athlon a good processor?

The Intel 6th Generation i7 is much better than the AMD Athlon.

If you want to buy a laptop with AMD should you choose Turion or Athlon?


Which microprocessor work on 64 bit?

Itanium, amd athlon,athlon,pentium

Who manufactures the AMD Athlon?

AMD (Advanced Micro Devices), Inc.

How good is a AMD Athlon microprocessor?

AMD Athlon microprocessors are the awesome. They're 6 core meaning that it's processing power is equivalent to 6 amd separate processors.

What is the difference between an AMD Athlon and an AMD Athlon 64?

The AMD Athlon 64 supports 64-bit addressing, while the AMD Athlon uses only 32-bit addressing. 64-bit addressing allows the processor to access more than 4 GB of RAM, which is increasingly important as applications become more memory hungry.

Is an AMD Athlon processor compatible to an AMD Sempron motherboard?

Yes, It is compatible.

What is 200 gigahertz AMD Athlon XP?

there is no 200 gigahertz Athlon sorry, could you be refering to a 2000 Athlon XP?

Which of the following chipmaker has designed athlon?


Which is the better processor for music editing AMD Athlon 64 x2 1.9 or Intel Core Duo 1.83?

AMD Athlon for sure. โ™ฅ

Is the AMD Athlon 64 a dual-core processor?

No. However, processors labeled "AMD Athlon 64 X2" aredual-core processors.

What processor are used with the socket am3 connector?

You can use an amd sempron or an amd athlon II with an am3 socket, but when am3 was released it was meant to be used with the amd phenom line of CPUs. You can use all three: amd sempron, amd athlon II & amd phenom.

Are amd athlon typically found in Macintosh?

No, I even think that Apple are not producing PC with an AMD CPU, they are using Intel CPUs. AMD Athlon CPU is typically found in IBM PC.

Which processor is better Intel celeron 900 or amd athlon x2 ql-62 dual core?

In this case, the AMD Athlon by a long shot.

Can you replace amd turion with amd athlon?

Most likely not, unless its a Socket 754.