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That is when you alternate spares and strikes in a game, winding up with a score of 200. For example, you throw a strike in the odd number frames (1, 3, 5, 7, 9) and get a spare in the even number frames (2, 4, 6, 8, 10). If on the last ball of the 10th frame you throw a strike you will end up with a 200 game.

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If a bowling score goes by 20's What is it commonly called?

a dutch 200

In bowling how did Dutch 200 get its name?

Because Ronald Reagan was the first bowler to achieve this feat.

What group of settlers brought bowling to America?

dutch dutch dutch

Did the dutch introduce bowling in the US?

They introduced a form of bowling called "9-pins".

Which settler brought bowling to America?


How can you get 200 achievement on bowling buddies?

you must score a 200 or higher

What immigrants introduced the game of bowling to Manhattan NY?


What country was bowling first played?

Bowling was created by the dutch settlers in the origonal colonies in the late 1600's

What are two groups from other countries that can be traced to bringing the game of bowling to the New World?

The Dutch, the Germans, and the English each brought their own type of ninepin bowling to the US. Tenpin bowling is derived from ninepin bowling.

Why did the Dutch invent bowling?

The Dutch didn't invent bowling; evidence of the game has been found in Egyptian tombs dating back 5,000 years. However, the Dutch, like the Germans and the English, obviously enjoyed the game enough to standardize it somewhat and begin to codify its rules.

Fillbuster is a Dutch word meaning?

This is not a Dutch word.

What is the base word for bowling?

The base word of bowling is bowl. Bowl does not have an internal meaning.

Is bowling a 135 good?

no that's low need to be in the 200

Did the Dutch enjoyed bowling ice skating and sledding?

Yes, because bowling was their favorite sport; and ice skating and sledding where activities from their homeland, the Netherlands.

What does sara mean in dutch?

there isn't a meaning in dutch for sara

A game bowled with strikes and spares alternating is also known as what?

Dutch 200A game with alternating strikes and spares from beginning to end will give you a total score of 200, and is called a Dutch 200.

What is the driving distance from Chattanooga to Bowling Green Kentucky?

About 200 miles.

How many ten pin bowling pins in 20 rows?


What is the the Dutch word meaning one?

One would in Dutch be 'één'

What does La Vida Loca mean in dutch?

''La Vida Loca'' is not Dutch, and it has no meaning in Dutch whatsoever.

What does how do in Dutch mean?

hoe doen is the meaning of how do. It has been translated from the Dutch Language.

What is the meaning of DeVrise?

It is a Dutch surname .

How much are bowling balls?

I see prices around $100 to $200 (USD) for new bowling balls. There are of course cheaper and more expensive ones.

What is the meaning of Dutch?

Dutch is used to describe people of Netherlands or something related to Netherlands

What is the meaning of bonnee in Dutch?

The closest Dutch word would be Abonnee, which means Subscriber.

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