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Fashion management is the promotion of apparel sales and involves all of the tasks necessary to deliver the clothing requests and meet the needs of potential customers and designers. Developing campaigns, displays and advertisements, directing manufacturing and marketing, and creating sales strategies are the various parts of Fashion management.
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What these HR Managers mean when they fashionably advertise we need someone with ability to think out of the box?

\n. \n Answer \n. \nthis means will u notice other things around you besides your own duties and try and change or fix them for the better.\nit means will u stare at your PC all day every day and do what is told of you, or find other things you can do.\n. \ncan u think further than your coll ( Full Answer )

What is the meaning of Fashion?

fashion is an expression... meaning there are really no such thing as "out of fashion" because fashion is only a means of ones expression... in every humans' unique expression of their style their personality is being reflected... fashion will always be unique to everyone... fashion is an expression ( Full Answer )

What does the term 'in timely fashion' mean?

Answer . It means in a reasonable, acceptable mount of time. For example, if a friend calls you and you don't call them back for a week, you did not call back in a timely fashion.

What does a Fashion district means?

A district (area) of a city where most of the businesses relate to fashion (e.g. fabric stores, designer boutiques)

What is the fashion rules in mean girls?

Answer . "On Wednesdays we wear pink.". "You can't wear a tank top two days in a row and you can only wear your hair in a ponytail once a week.". "We only wear jeans or track pants on Fridays."

What does fashion mean?

The simplest way would be that fashion is the clothes that you put on your back. It's the way to express yourself on the outside. Every person has a different style of what they wear. One girl will wear nice and affordable clothes from Walmart and call it fashion. While right on the opposite end, a ( Full Answer )

Does Feudal mean old fashioned?

Answer . The feudal system is old fashioned, but that is not what the word means. This refers to the political system that held from roughly the 9th through 15 centuries in Europe. Feudal lords held large territories, and there was no private ownership of land by ordinary individuals. The people ( Full Answer )

What does orderly fashion mean?

acting in a correct behaviour, for example walking in a straight line in silence into an assembly at school, "fingers on lips" that sort of thing.

What does fashion mean to you?

style!!!! but a fashion can be a hobos toga or a holister shirt... whichever you choose!

What does fashionable restraint mean?

Fashionable restraint means showing restraint in clothing andfashion choices and not overdoing the accessories, colors, orpatterns. Using fashionable restraint creates a more simple andelegant look.

What does fashion house mean?

A fashion house is a place in which the art of fashion design isactually applied. This type of business styles, can make, andoffers fashionable clothes usually associated with an essentialdeveloper. Good common fashion homes tend to be: Gucci, Versace aswell as Prada. To possess a effective men snea ( Full Answer )

What does Christ Is Not A Fashion mean?

Basically, people say they are a christian, because their friends are, which is a horibble thing. It means christ isn't a fad that will come and go...

What do you mean by fashion sense?

Fashion sense is what looks good with what. You would know not too wear stillettos with army pants and a ultra chick flowy blouse. You know that because you have fashion sense.

What does Pret a porte mean in fashion?

Prèt à porté means "ready to wear" literally. Designers have theirweird, out of this world, "artsy", creative line of clothing thatmake people look silly if they walked out on the streets wearingit, and then there's Prèt à Porté which is "normal people's"clothes

What does old fashioned mean?

"Old-fashioned" means out of keeping with modern style, outmoded, belonging to an earlier time, not appropriate for the modern era. People sometimes write it as "old fashion", perhaps because they hear it that way, but it is an adjective, as in: . He drives an old-fashioned car, with huge fins ( Full Answer )

What dose fashion mean?

1.Fashion is, The prevailing style or custom, as in dress or behavior:out of fashion 2.Something, such as a garment, that is in the current mode:a swimsuit that is the latest fashion 3.The style characteristic of the social elite:a man of fashion 4. a.Manner or mode; way: Set the table in this fashi ( Full Answer )

What does a fashion manager do?

If you want to work as a professional fashion manager, it is important that you have a wide understanding about the old, new, and existing fashion trends. Fashion manager professionals are responsible for a wide variety of tasks that are directly associated to fashion coordination, management, and p ( Full Answer )

What is the real meaning of fashion?

No because i was with this girl she was saying that we went through every weak and won day she brought a fashion book in and me and my friend Rebecca and i Cassie said we don't believe u she kept on saying well be celebrity's we still didn't believe her then she gave up and said her father done the ( Full Answer )

Meaning of silhouette in fashion design?

silhouette in fashion design make a outline of something that comes from your mind,it may be the outline of shirts,shoes pants,it belongs to creativity

What does a fashion faux pas mean?

Faux pas literally means " false pass " , or a fashion don't. Since style is pretty personalized nowadays, this would mostly apply to being over or under-dressed for a particular occassion, or wearing something too revealing in public.

What does 'an old fashioned man' mean?

It means someone who values old-fashioned ideas and morals. This would be someone who appreciates the old ways and values ideas like honor and chivalry.

What does in true fashion mean?

It means that you're doing something in a way that is true to its form. Let me provide an example. Let's say it's Super Bowl Sunday. I could say... In true Super Bowl fashion, I'm going to have all of my friends over to watch the game. The point of saying "in true fashion" is to IMPLY that every ( Full Answer )

What is the meaning of fashionable?

The meaning of Fashionable is when you have or wear something, thatgoes with the style of today. Or if you follow a trend that is'fashionable'. aaa

What does the word vintage mean in fashion?

Vintage fashion means clothing or accessories that are at least20 years old. Clothing over 100 years old is called antique insteadof vintage. . It is also used by some companies to describe modern fashionswhich are in the style of previous decades, and wrongly used todescribe modern second-hand or ( Full Answer )

What is the meaning of the idiom a fashion plate?

Someone who is a fashion plate is someone who always dresses in the latest or best fashion. In today's terminology you could use metrosexual for a man to mean a similar thing.

What does A line mean in fashion design?

An A-line skirt is a skirt that is fitted at the hips and gradually widens towards the hem, giving the impression of the shape of a capital letter A.

What does elegant and fashionable mean?

Elegant is to be formal and neat-looking and fashionable can be your own style.. but overall both can have a different definition for each different people.. .

What does clear fashion glasses mean?

I believe it means that the lenses in the frames are notprescription lenses, and do not alter an image in any way. I do notthink it means that the frames of the glasses cannot be used forprescription lenses. I just ordered some fashion glasses off ofebay, with the intention of using them for prescri ( Full Answer )

What deos fashion mean?

Fashion , a general term for a currently popular style or practice, especially in clothing, foot wear, or accessories. Fashion references to anything that is the current trend in look and dress up of a person.

What is the meaning of fashion technology?

Fashion Tech Definition "Fashion-Technology" or "Fashion-tech"connects & streamlines fashion, apparel and/or differentaspects of the fashion industry to consumers and/or other fashionindustry professionals by utilizing & implementing technologyin order to make the user's experience more efficient ( Full Answer )

What do it means when you dream about fashion?

It is difficult to provide a meaningful interpretation without know what sort of "fashion" was in the dream. A dream of hat styles would be different from a dream of Italian shoes, or models on a runway, or a photography shoot in Central Park. The emotional tone of the dream is also crucial: whether ( Full Answer )

What is meaning of fashion?

The word fashion can mean 1) the current or latest style in clothes, lifestyle or practice a trend. 2) a way of doing something, carrying out an activity. 3) sort, type or kind. 4) to form or make something into a particular way. 5) to mould or influence something.

What does it mean to be a fashion bug?

To be a fashion bug means to go to a store where they have items that are not considered "mainstream fashionable". One then revels in it's unique oddity, while other may find this item unattractive.

What does the term fashion week mean?

Fashion week is a meme for people who like to celebrate the clothes that they wear. Fashion week is a week in which people wear there best clothes they have all day.

What do you mean by cultura fashion?

Cultural fashion is when something that is worn by a specific culture is adopted by the mainstream fashion world. A great example of this is the bindhi from Indian culture that saw a great number of wearers during the 1990's.

What does latest fashion mean?

It means the latest 'look ' in clothing and accessories ( phones, watches, handbags etc.)

What does rep mean in fashion?

It means reputation , if it is not that then i don't know i am not that sure but i hope this answer helps you.thank you

What are the requirements of a fashion management rms software?

The requirements of an RMS software are quite similar despite thedifference in the industry they are applied for. The corefunctionalities remain unchanged viz., it should manage inventoryand customer relationship, take care of back-office functions aswell as give properly timed financial and analyti ( Full Answer )