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Euthanasia is the ending of a life because of pain, illness, or immense suffering. It can can refer to "assisted suicide" (voluntary) or the ending of a life without the person's consent (active). It refers to either humans or animals. Euthanasia of humans is illegal in many parts of the world and there is much debate of whether it is murder or not.

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Euthanasia is kind of like the process that one takes when one wants to put a dog to sleep, but for humans. It is like assisted suicide. It has been a controversial case in recent years because doctors have lost their accreditation by assisting patients in killing themselves, like in the Cruzan by Cruzan vs. Dir. of Missouri, it deals with the right to die and the legality of it all.

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Euthanasia: The ending of life in a painless and humane manner.

Some people go abroad to a place that Euthanasia is not banned and they can do it there.

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Q: What is meant by the term euthanasia?
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Suicide means to kill oneself. Euthanasia is committed by another person.

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high legel or accepted authority of the countery.

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Euthanasia is not a condition or symptom. Euthanasia is the process by which sodium pentatol or some form of similar drug is injected into the bloodstream in very large doses, so as to purposely cause the death of the individual. This is what Veterinarians do to pets when they are being "put down" humanely. It is also the process used to humanely execute prisoners on death row in some states. Hope this helps. It was hard to tell what you meant by your question, as I think you are confused by the term "euthanasia" and what it pertains to. I supposed one would prevent euthanasia by not overdosing on medications they have been prescribed. Always take medications as directed by your doctor. never self medicate.

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In the UK, The Suicide Act 1961 defines assisting someone in the act of suicide to be a criminal offence. 'Euthanasia' itself is not a legal term in the UK as there are no laws relating to it, therefore cases of euthanasia are treated as either 'manslaughter' or 'murder' depending on the specific circumstances.

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