Euthanasia involves deliberately ending the life of an individual suffering from a terminal illness or an incurable condition painlessly by lethal injection or the suspension of extraordinary medical treatment. Active euthanasia is illegal in most jurisdictions, while passive euthanasia, or the withholding of some life support systems, has legal standing in some jurisdictions. Questions about voluntary or involuntary euthanasia, assisted suicide, and the "right to die" are asked and answered here.

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What are the positive effects of euthanasia?

In both human and animal euthanasia, the positive aspects are a painless death that, in many cases, brings an end to severe chronic pain and suffering. The person dying can sometimes say goodbye, and family/friends for both humans and animals can say goodbye as well. Particularly in animal euthanasia, the animal can be put down in a comfortable environment such as home or a favorite blanket to help comfort the animal during the process.


What are the negative factors of euthanasia?

All that mess afterward.

There are no negative factors for the patient, only for doctors and his/hers family, because they are usually being attacked by some religious fanatic groups.

Animal Rights and Abuse

What is the advantage of animal euthanasia?

There are only three situations that immediately come to mind where euthanizing an animal has distinct advantages.

1st- An animal has massive physical trauma and is highly unlikely to survive and is euthanized to end its suffering (see #2)

2nd- An animal has a chronic condition in which state it is in immense pain, and the owner feels it to be immoral to allow the animal to suffer any longer than absolutely necessary.

3rd- An animal has been proven to be highly aggressive (for example a dog that mauled a child). It will often be put down to avoid future acts of extreme aggression.

I am sure there are other reasons why an animal would be put down, but I believe these to be the main reasons.

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What are the advantages of Euthanasia?


1) painless death

2) Speedy termination of physical and emotional suffering.

3) saves family's money

4) if the person has a chronic disease then it will eliminate the need to spend money on expensive surgery, medicine and life-support

5) organs can be put to good use

6) Relieves the patient from pain and suffering

7) Relieve mental suffering from the patient and his relatives.

Surgery and Hospitalization

Can a comatose patient feel pain?

We assume to day they can hear, see and feel when we take care of them since we don't know. Rarely do they remember when they wake up and if they never wake we wont know. it differs on what injury they have and where on the brain it's located. Sometimes people mistake comatose for being braindead which is not the case.

Informative Speech

How do you start a speech about euthanasia?

You start by saying what euthanasia is. If it is simply a speech, and not an argumentative piece, stay neutral on the subject, giving both sides a fair chance, say why it is done, and the choice of the family members. Give statistical data if possible, on the frequency of the act, and other details relevant to the matter. However if it is an argumentative or convincing speech; say what it is and how you feel about it, for eg. if you are against euthanasia, you can say ' Euthanasia is.............. and about one third of persons who have been in a comatose or totally dependent state are put to rest in this way. If you are totally passionate about this you might want to use a more hard hitting phrase than ' put to rest'. Then you can say if you agree or disagree on the use of euthanasia, by using words like strongly, passionate, 'no doubt in my mind' etc.

Hope this helped you!


Why is strychnine not desirable for euthanasia?

Because it can be a painful and terrible way to die

Germany in WW2

Does euthanasia contradict the Hippocratic oath?

I would say yes it does technicly contradict the hippocratic oath..... but we should remember the oath does not take in cout the patients will.

Law & Legal Issues
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Where is euthanasia allowed?

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Law & Legal Issues

Euthanasia should be legalized in Taiwan?

Active euthanasia should not be legalized anywhere, however physician assisted suicide should be


Would euthanasia be capitalized in a sentence?


Law & Legal Issues

Should euthanasia be legalized in your opinion?

Opinions from Contributors:

Note that mercy killing is a popular term for the termination of a person's life as a humane act. The more formal term is euthanasia or assisted suicide.


Mercy killing should be legalized because of the following reasons:

1) The patient is near his or her end.

2) The patient has unendurable pain.

3) All possible ways to avoid the pain have been attempted but are useless.

4) The patient expresses his or her own will to accept mercy, they are never forced.

5) Forcing patients to remain alive against their wishes causes health care expenditures to rise astronomically.


First, the word euthanasia comes from the ancient Greek which means "good death". It essentially means mercy killing, or killing someone who does not any longer want to live. This term can also refer to putting an animal to 'sleep', although in this usage it more often means the killing of someone who it is not economically desirable to save.

As to whether or not euthanasia should be legalized, this subject has been the topic of much debate in recent times. In countries such as Switzerland, it is already legal. In the majority of the world, however, it remains illegal. In the U.S., hospitalized patients may refuse life-saving care, but cannot receive doctor assisted suicide. (Euthanasia most commonly is discussed in reference to the terminally ill).


Euthanasia should not be legalize. Doctors would kill more people if they had that choice. For example if a patient looks ready to die and they need to free up some time they would most likely pull the plug immediately


Yes. Stop the pain and suffering!

I think that euthanasia should be legalized in that cases when the patient himself wants it and when his illness very painful and leads inevitably to death... why should we not let them die if they are afflicted of such unbearable pain?


Be careful what you wish for! Today we have access to things like palliative medicine and morphine that relieves, if not completely eliminates, pain. Never before have we had such pain-relievers, and yet the following for legalizing euthanasia keeps growing. Why? Mainly because of a "deadly compassion". Euthanasia is one of those things that sounds good, right? Why should we force someone to live?

The question is, ladies and gentlemen, not why should we force someone to live, but why should we allow doctors to terminate patient's lives? In the Netherlands, already over one thousand people are being euthanized by doctors every year without the consent of the patient. We can, and do make the passing of terminal patients better, and we allow them to refuse medical treatment. Sometimes it is better, unfortunately to allow nature to take its course, once treatment goes from preserving precious life, to prolonging suffering death.


The only argument euthanasia has going for it (unless you count "cutting costs") is reduction of pain. We already have that without killing people. Arguments against legalizing this "Death with Dignity" range from this death desensitizing doctors to asking for death shows an illogical workings of the mind. We should instead give counseling and options to reduce pain, not take the Grim Reaper into our own hands.

Within certain limitations and as approved by an appropriate authority, euthanasia is entirely legal in several areas.


As to those without it, it seems nonsensical to prolong suffering when there is absolutely no hope left for that person's recovery.


It depends on the circumstances, if somebody is going to die in pain and there is no chance of them getting better then it's best that they settle their affairs and choose to die on their own terms rather than wait and suffer.


Absolutely. For once, animals have it better than humans do. When your animal gets old and can't live life anymore, we as humans have the right to end their suffering so they don't feel pain anymore. It's disgusting to me that a human is forced to endure a slow painful death rather than a peaceful one at their own timing. Human euthanasia should be legalized but with strict guidelines. If you want to die because you are depressed or whatever, then no. But if you are a terminal cancer patient or in chronic pain due to a disease such as Parkinson's or MD/MS, then yes. You should have the option to end your life at the hands of a trained physician.


No. It is immoral.


Yes. A person should have the ultimate control over their own life. Many people would choose doctor assisted euthanasia if it was available. In fact, many do. Many dying people have asked a family member or partner for that kind of help and many have honored that request. It has been performed for centuries where family members and family doctors have honored the wish of a dying relative or patient to help end their suffering. The right to die should be as respected as the right to live. It should be a matter of personal choice and should be carried out with all the support necessary to make one's last hours comfortable and safe, and one's passing peaceful. It is widely available in some areas.


Can euthanasia ever be justified because of cost?

Euthanasia can only be justified when it is assisted suicide. if the decision is made because of cost then it is execution.


Should doctors euthanasia for terminally ill patients?

Euthanasia is only done if the patient wants to after they have been evaluated to be of sane mind. So yes, if that fits.


Is euthanasia legal in Finland?

No. As of late 2016, there is a citizen's initiative to make euthanasia legal in Finland. It is estimated that 85% of the people support the effort.

Law & Legal Issues

In what countries is euthanasia legal?

Non-active euthanasia, or assisted suicide, is legal in three US states;

  • Oregon
  • Washington
  • Montana
  • New Hampshire is currently considering a bill on assisted suicide

Active euthanasia, commonly referred simply as euthanasia, is only legal in:

  • the Netherlands
  • Belgium

Assisted suicide is also legal in:

  • Albania
  • Luxembourg
Famous People

What was Theresa Marie Terri Schiavo famous for?

Terri SchiavoTerri Schiavo was a woman who, because of an injury or health issue, was brain damaged. She was diagnosed as being in a vegetative state, though that diagnosis was contested by some, and was fed through a feeding tube.

Ms Schiavo became well-known as a result of her husband, Michael, insisting that she would not want to live in her condition, and requesting that the feeding tube be removed. A lengthy court battle pursued when her parents and siblings disagreed that Terri would want the feeding tube removed, and the story was reported in the media. The situation gained intense interest from the public, not only in the US, but around the world.

Eventually, the feeding tube was removed and Ms Shiavo passed away from dehydration.


What is botched euthanasia?

Botched euthanasia is a spinal disorder in most animals that makes it hard for animals to walk.


Cases of involuntary euthanasia?

That would be murder so you need to be more specific.


What does euthanasia means?

Euthanasia means that when people suffering from terminal disease due to cancer or other progressive disease with no quality of life, choose and prefer to end their life by taking a high dose of sedative medicine


Why would people choose euthanasia?

People think ,it is better to die than to carry a painful life.


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