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What is meant by traveling?

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Going on a Holiday, making a businness trip, away for the weekend and while you may travel when you move or immigrate, that doesn't count because those two are considered as permanent.

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Is the PSP slim better than the PSP go?

no and yes a psp slim is a verson that is not ment for traveling as much as the psp go the psp go is meant for traveling

What is meant by 2S in train ticket reservation?

It is second class sitting. It provides bench style seats for traveling.

How do you spell traveling or traveling?


Which is correct--traveling or traveling?


Is the word traveling or traveling?

Traveling is the correct spelling.

If you are traveling on I-35, which of these directions would you likely be traveling?


How you do spell traveling?


When traveling form Los Angeles to London which way are you traveling?

When traveling from Los Angeles to London which way are you traveling?

If you are traveling in a westbound direction, on which of these interstates would you possibly be traveling?


What direction would you be traveling if you were traveling from Toronto to Australia?

You will be traveling South West!

If you are traveling from Florida to the Caribbean Sea which direction are you traveling?

you are traveling due southeast

What does AFOOT mean?

It originally meant "on the loose" or "taking flight" - literally (traveling) "on foot." There is another connotation meaning "under way" (proceeding), as in "the plans are afoot for a new roadway."

Is it traveling or travelling?

traveling is correct.

Which is correct traveling or traveling?


Why traveling to the moon is easier than traveling to mars?

Why traveling the moon is easier the mars

What if you are employed when you apply for student visa but you will resign when you go to japan will you still put your employment details in the visa application form of japan?

If you go out and go to Japan, you will lose your visa rights. This is because the student visa is not meant for traveling. It is meant only for working temporarily in the United States.

Where is traveling mercies in the Bible?

traveling mercies

What is more expensive traveling across land or traveling across the ocean?

traveling across land

Do you need a visa when traveling from Canada to the US?

Yes, if you are traveling by plane, train, or boat. No if you are traveling by road

What direction would you be traveling if you were going from Georgia to Mississippi?

You would be traveling west if you were traveling from Georgia to Mississippi.

Where is donkeys good for traveling?

No, donkeys are not good for traveling

Was Odysseus happy with traveling?

He is happier traveling and exploring

Advantage and disadvantage of traveling?

There are a number of advantages and disadvantages of traveling. One big disadvantage of traveling is the cost for example.

Can you Make a sentence with word traveling?

They're traveling to Spain for a vacation. After traveling for several weeks, he was glad to get home again. Her purse was stolen while she was traveling across the country.

What is the role of the address field in a packet traveling through a datagram network?

There are two address fields. Source is the IP address the packet came from and destination is the IP address the packet is meant to be delivered to.

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