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Mediclaim Insurance is a hospitalisation benefit policy offered by public and private sector general insurance companies. The policy provides for reimbursement of Hospitalisation / Domiciliary hospitalisation expenses for illness/ disease suffered or accidental injury sustained during the policy period. The policy pays for expenses incurred under the following heads : A) Room, Boarding Expenses in the Hospital/ Nursing home. B) Nursing expenses. C) Surgeon, Anaesthetist, Medical Practitioner, Consultants, Specialist fees. D) Anaesthesia, Blood, Oxygen, Operation theatre Charges, Surgical Appliances, Medicines and Drugs, Diagnostic Materials, and X-Ray, Dialysis, Chemotherapy, Radiotherapy, Cost of Pacemaker, Artificial Limbs and Cost of organs and similar expenses.

[Note: The liability in respect of all claims admitted during the period of insurance shall not exceed the sum insured for the person as mentioned in the schedule.]
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Who can you insure?

Insuring someone Basically you can insure anyone with whom you havean insurable interest. meaning those on whom you have a financialor physical dependency a legal symbioses or interest in and withtheir permission and knowledge. If the loss of the individual wouldcause financial or certain other form ( Full Answer )

How do you get insurance?

To apply for insurance, you must contact an insurance company, usually by visiting an office, making a phone call, or visiting their website. To find out more about specific insurance companies, their policies and the prices they charge, you can visit their respective websites, where this informat ( Full Answer )

What is insurance?

a practice or arrangement by which a company or government agencyprovides a guarantee of compensation for specified loss, damage,illness, or death in return for payment of a premium

Why do you have to have insurance?

In regards to Homeowners insurance: most homeowners have amortgage...therefore your home technically belongs to thebank/lender and they need to protect their 'investment' sobanks/lenders require that you carry adequate insurance to pay forthe damages that may occur to your home or even to pay the de ( Full Answer )

What is insurence?

Sort of like a bet. For example: life insurance, the company bets that you will live to the normal life expectancy, you bet that you wont. If you die young, you (your inheritors) collect a large amount while having paid little, therefore "you" win. On the other hand if you live a very long time, you ( Full Answer )

Why do you have insurance?

Occasionally people have car wrecks or sudden hospitalizations. Most of them do not have the ability to get the money needed to pay to get the car fixed or to replace the car. Most do not have the money to pay the hospital charges. If enough people put enough money into insurance, then when one wrec ( Full Answer )

Is RFQMR for Osteo-Arthiritis covered under Mediclaim in India?

Yes, our patients treated at Sibia Medical Centre, Ludhiana have been paid by the Mediclaim companies. Even the Insurance Ombudsman and the Permanent Lok Adalat have ruled in favor of the coverage by mediclaim. More details can be had from the website www.sssibia.com or anyone can email at info@sssi ( Full Answer )

Difference between mediclaim insurance and health insurance?

Mediclaim is a reimbursement policy where the amount of expenses incurred during your hospitalization or pre & post hospitalization according to your policy will be given back to you. This might be cashless i.e. you will not have to pay from your pocket or reimbursed after you submit all the dischar ( Full Answer )

What does an insurer do?

An insurer (also known as an insurance company) offers, for a price, to take on some or all of a specified risk, and to pay an agreed-upon amount in the event of a loss.Generally, risks will fall into two broad categories: property and casualty, and life and health. Property insurers agree to pay a ( Full Answer )

Are insurance companies insured?

Perhaps surprisingly, the answer is "yes." Most insurance companies choose to buy "re-insurance," and this is a very interesting - and different - type of insurance than what you or I generally see. While there are thousands of different insurance companies, there are only a handful of re-insurers.R ( Full Answer )

What is under insurance over insurance?

Under insurance is not carrying enough insurance to cover your assets in the even of a liability claim or not carrying enough insurance to satisfy your bank / lienholder. Over insurance is carrying more insurance than you need. This is more common with home insurance. For example, insuring a 1000 sq ( Full Answer )

Does human body insurance insurance?

I need answer why human body inssurance does not exist, like car insurance/liability insurance or full coverage.

Hard to insure homeowner's insurance?

Hard to insure homeowners insurance could mean that you have poor credit or represent high risk to a homeowners insurance company.

Why you have to insurance?

Insurance is a payment plan for when things go wrong. If you don't have insurance you are going to have to come up with all the money at once. With insurance, you are making payments over a period of time to cover you in the event something happens. Insurance is necessary because whether you are a ( Full Answer )

Where does insurance companies insure?

A better question you be what do they not insured. You can find insurance for anything you can think of. Some famous people even insure their teeth or face because of their good looks. Lloyd's of London will underwrite custom insurance policies for anything you want. Most companies insure Autos and ( Full Answer )

What is insurent?

This word is not spelled correctly and I can think of at least 3 words that are close in spelling.

Do you have to have insurance?

You must have auto insurance in all states. If you don't, you are irresponsible and probably shouldn't be driving in the first place. Some states allow you to not carry insurance if you can prove you have a certain amount of money in the bank, i.e. Iowa will give you financial responsibility with a ( Full Answer )

What is insurable interest in life insurance?

Insurable interest refers to when someone (called Person A) wants to buy life insurance on another person (Person B). In order for Person A to buy life insurance on Person B, there must be an emotional and financial loss to Person A if Person B dies. You can't buy life insurance on some random perso ( Full Answer )

What is under insurance and over insurance?

Not sure if you meant over insured and under insured. Basically there is a provision in homeowners and condo owner policies called a Co-Insurance penatly if you are not insured to 80% of replacement cost (not market value) of the home. If you are insured less than the 80% (under insured), you will n ( Full Answer )

What is the difference between insured and insurer?

The insured is the person or entity who is covered by the insurance policy. The insurer is the entity (insurance company)that pays to, or on behalf, of the insured for a covered loss. That which is covered by the policy is set forth in the insurance policy.

No auto insurance but do have gap insurance?

So called gap insurance covers only the difference between thevalue of your vehicle and what you owe to the bank. It offers noother protections such as personal injury & liability, orcollision.

What is insureance?

It is a system of risk management. You pay a small amount of money every month for a large amount of coverage so you would not have to pay for large losses by yourself. Lets say you pay $400 a month for home insurance coverage on your home worth $150,000. You are only paying $400 a month for coverag ( Full Answer )

When can an insurer cancel your insurance?

It depends on your state and company. Some can non-renew you for filing too many claims some can do that if you live in a territory where they no longer want to have a certain exposure, like living on the coast and not wanting to have the same exposure to wind or hurricane damage. In some states it ( Full Answer )

Where can you get insurance?

The precise answer depends upon the kind of insurance that you seek and where you are located. Assuming that you are in the USA, understand that insurance is regulated by the individual states. Therefore, it is vital to deal only with a company that is licensed to transact insurance in the state in ( Full Answer )

What is Life insurance and general insurance?

Life insurance, as the name suggests, is insurance on human lives. Life insurance policies are considered to be "valued policies" because they are purchased in finite amounts, rather than designed to pay damages or the then-current value such as property insurance does. Life insurance comes in se ( Full Answer )

Do you have to have your insurance?

In most states you have to have car insurance to drive on the road. Most mortgage companies require homeowner's insurance. Health insurance is not currently required, but you may face a fine if you refuse to buy it beginning in 2014 under the health care reform bill. Life insurance, disability insur ( Full Answer )

What is the Insurance What is the Fire Insurance?

Are you seeking insurance for the latest requirements you got inlife? Perhaps, it is necessary to get insured multiple things inlife with some becoming mandatory as well. Choosing the best sourcein this context is very much important so that you becomesuccessful in life without going through any com ( Full Answer )

Can you have no insurance?

You can go without insurance, but are liable for any damages you cause. If you have no car insurance and are pulled over or are involved in an accident, you may well get a ticket. That would depend on type of insurance we are discussing. If you do not have a auto, you do not need auto insurance i ( Full Answer )

What can we be insured for?

A life insurance policy can go a long way toward helping dependentswho have experienced the death of a loved one. If the breadwinnerof the family dies, his dependents can be left with nowhere toturn. If he has a life insurance policy, however, then hisdependents will have a safety net until they can ( Full Answer )

Will insurance pay if it is not your fault and you have no insurance?

If "it" is not your fault then you do not have to pay regardless of insurance. However, you may have to prove in court that "it" is not your fault and although you can counter sue to recover your court costs if you win the case, your lawyer will probably want some money up front, and you might lose ( Full Answer )

What is insurance and principles of insurance?

Insurance is the concept that it is better to pool together uncertain risk and spread risk among many in order to better protect against uncertainty. It is vastly easier to budget for limited loss by mathematical probability that an event will occur to a limited number of people and spreading tha ( Full Answer )

How much agent commission in mediclaim?

The agent's commission depends upon the age of members in the policy. For the persons upto 35 years of age it is 15% ; 36 to 55 10% ; 56 onwards only5%. The commission will be calculated only for the base premium , not for service tax and higher education cess etc... A . Pugazhendhi

What is meant by insurance and types of insurance?

Third party car insurance or third party liability is also referredto as the 'act only' cover. It is a mandatory cover under the MotorVehicles Act to ensure that the driver has adequate insurancecoverage to pay for the damages resulting from an accident. Thefirst party over here is the driver of the ( Full Answer )

Does Zurich insurance have emergency insurance?

Zurich insurance is a commercial insurance company that provides 24hour service, however, you did not state what sort of emergency youare asking about.Well i like this post i want some good Insurancecompany like Reliance Car Insurance.Please suggest me.Well Being anIndian girl i prefer Reliance Car ( Full Answer )

What insurances do Hanover Insurance offer?

The Hanover Insurance Group, which is based in Massachusetts, offers insurance that can cover automobiles, your home, or your business. They were established in 1852 and are known for providing world class insurance to their customers.

Who is an insurance subscriber for medical insurance?

A common question that concerns a lot of people is whether theyshould go for individual health insurance plans for each of thefamily members or go for a single family floater plan for theentire family. Under a family floater plan, the entire familyshares a common pool. A family floater plan provides ( Full Answer )

Is Lincoln insurance a reliable insurance?

"After doing some online reading of reviews and ratings for the Lincoln Insurance Company, I have determined that people do consider them to be a reliable company."

Does alliance insurance insure boats?

"Yes, the south Texas division of Alliance insurance offers recreation vehicle and boat insurance. You can contact an Agent for more information. The phone number is: Alliance Insurance Inc. Call an Agent 1-866-364-1461."

How is liability insurance handled in insurance?

In most cases, clients are handed over with the processes and legal documentation of getting an insurance from a company - providing the necessary information ,limits and scope of the client's insurance - which then includes liability insurance.

How do insurance companys verify you have insurance?

Insurance is a primary need because it protects you againstunplanned events. It can be used as an investment tool, tool forplanning your children's future and retirement planner tool. Mostimportantly insurance provides you peace of mind, as you know thefact that your loved ones are not dependent on ( Full Answer )

Who has to have insurance?

The answer will vary depending on your local regulations. In the United States , Anyone who operates a motorvehicle on public roads must carry proof of financialresponsibility. Private roads on private property excluded. This isgenerally accomplished through the purchase of an auto insurancepolicy ( Full Answer )

Can you get uninsured insurance with liabitily insurance?

Yes you can and should purchase uninsured motorists coverage on your liability policy. We always quote this coverage on every policy we write and rarely have anyone say they don't want the coverage, especially when you explain what it does and how little it costs.

What does 21st Century Insurance insure?

21st Century Insurance insure a wide variety of different cars. These include new cars, cars that have been used, as well as classic or vintage cars. They can also provide fully comprehensive cover.

Who is the insurer in insurance policies?

The Insurer is the Insurance Company which provdes insurancecoverage to the insured providing for payment of a sum of money tothe person assured or, failing him, to the person entitled toreceive the same on the happening of certain event. It isuncertainty that is risk which gives rise to the necessi ( Full Answer )

Who is insured?

Cover Your Family All Hospital Expenses in One Health Policy Health insurance covers you and your family against expenses thatyou may incur on hospitalization as an in-patient in a hospital ornursing home in India for treatment. With the rising incidence ofdiseases including lifestyle related ailm ( Full Answer )

In property insurance the insurable interest is for?

An insurable interest is required in order for any insurance to bevalid. In general, an insurable interest exists when an individualor entity has a financial stake in the continued existence of theproperty.