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Q: What is mediocre in German?
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Can you emphasize the word mediocre for example so mediocre?

Mediocre is an adjective that means moderate to inferior in quality. (The most mediocre of all, is an option)

What is a sentence using mediocre?

you are a mediocre person because you never finish anything

Can you put the word mediocre in a sentence?

The meal I ate was mediocre. Mediocre meaning average

Is mediocre a verb?

Mediocre is not a verb. It's an adjective.

What are the qualities of mediocre?

Mediocre qualities are average or commonplace.

When was Mediocre - album - created?

Mediocre - album - was created in 2007.

Can you write a sentence using the word mediocre?

Mediocre work is sub-standard. It is better to strive to do an excellent job than to do a mediocre job.

How can you use the word mediocre in a sentence?

The majority of the cast gave a mediocre performance.

Use the word mediocre in a sentence?

I was disappointed by the mediocre repair job on by roof.

When was Mediocre Generica created?

Mediocre Generica was created on 2001-09-11.

Sentence using the word mediocre?

My answer to this question is mediocre, it answers the question but isn't that great.

How do you use sequel in sentence?

Just as I expected another mediocre sequel to a bland and mediocre movie.

What is the sentence for the word mediocre?

The subject became woefully neglected as our food was allowed to become mediocre.

What is another word for mediocre?

Another word is medium e.g. His magic is mediocre. Not good or bad.

When was Brace Yourself for the Mediocre created?

Brace Yourself for the Mediocre was created on 2004-10-19.

How do you use the word sequel in a sentence?

Just as I expected another mediocre sequel to a bland and mediocre movie.

What are the release dates for The Mediocre Samaritan - 2007?

The Mediocre Samaritan - 2007 was released on: USA: 2007

Does Vivy have a mediocre ending?


How do you use the word mediocre in a sentence?

I was extremely disappointed when the gourmet meal I spent the day making turned out to be only mediocre. After a summer with a math tutor, my son's math grades went mediocre to marvelous. Lacey entered the competition with high hopes only to finish with a mediocre score.

What is something you consider to be mediocre Why?

I think it is mediocre that you can not answer or attempt to answer this question yourself. Why - because I think you are to lazy to even try to do so.

Are mediocre and average antonyms or synonyms?

Mediocre (middling, undistinguished) and average (not high or low) are synonyms.However, the modern use of mediocre has a negative connotation that average does not.

Which word does not have a long e sound meager mediocre or cartridge?

Cartridge has only a silent E (car-trij). Both meager and mediocre have long E sounds, and in fact mediocre has two (mee-dee-oh-cur).

What is the verb or noun for mediocre?

The noun form for the adjective mediocre is mediocrity(plural mediocrities). There is no verb but an adverb mediocrely.

What is the abstract noun for the word mediocre?

The abstract noun forms of the adjective 'mediocre' are mediocracy and mediocrity.

Is mediocre and average Synonmys?