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What is mellifluous?

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Filled with sweetness, or having a full, rich flow (as a voice, for example).


Sweet or smooth; flowing easily: as in music or speech.

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How do you use the word mellifluous in a sentence?

(Mellifluous is sweetly or smoothly flowing, as a melody.)"From the band room came the mellifluous sound of an oboe.""He scarcely heard what she said, as he was captivated by the mellifluous sound of her voice."

How you can use mellifluous in a sentence?

(Mellifluous is sweetly or smoothly flowing, as a melody.)

Mellifluous flowersis this correct usage of mellifluous?

It is unexpected, but not wrong. Mellifluous usually refers to sounds and voices, but it actually means "flowing with honey."

What is a sentence with the word mellifluous?

Mellifluous is an adjective used to describe any fruit of the melon family that has become watery with age and exuding mellifluid. "Princess, would you be splendid and toss out that cantaloupe in the Frigidaire?" "What for ever for, Kitten?" "I fear it has become mellifluous."

What adjective means flowing with honey?

mellifluous-adjective1.sweetly or smoothly flowing; sweet-sounding: a mellifluous voice; mellifluous tones.2.flowing with honey; sweetened with or as if with honey.

What is the meaning of mellifluous couple?

A mellifluous couple is a couple who are polite & cordial to each other, and whose relationship appears to be & symbiotic.

What is the opposite of melliferous?

mellifluous and cacophonous

What are some words with the prefix mel?


What is the word of speech is the word mellifluous?

It is a unusual word.

What is a long word that only a few people know how to spell?

Mellifluous, as in smoothly flowing. (mell-if-flew-us.)

Another word for soft?

Delicate Cushiony Fleshy Furry Feathery Supple Smooth Mushy Spongy Pliable Flexible Mellifluous Gentle

What is the synonyns of melodic?

dulcet, harmonious, musical, choral, mellifluous, melodious, poetic, songful, songlike, tuneful, euphonious, orchestral, symphonious, rhapsodic

What is the latin root of mellifluos?

Mellifluous come from the Latin words mel, which means "honey" and fluo, which means " to flow". The word literally means "flowing with honey".

What other word for sweet?

Synonyms for the word sweet: euphoric, euphonious, harmonious, mellifluous, mellow, melodic, melodious, musical, silver-tongued, smooth, soft, sonorous, soothing, sweet-sounding, tuneful

Most beautiful word in the dictionary?

Depends what you mean by beautiful and the reason you want to use that word. Diaphanous could be such a word, Efflorescent another. Maybe Forbearance or Gossamer. Mellifluous, Tintinnabulation. There are probably hundreds available depending on your application

What are some examples of cacophonous words and euphonious words?

The cacophonous noise coming from the band room made me cringe. Cacophonous = loud, noisy, intrusive, harsh, discordant The euphonious noise coming from the band room uplifted my spirit. Euphonious = pleasant, smooth, mellifluous

In the game scrabble how many points would you get for the word mellifluous?

The word, mellifluous, is an eleven letter word. A player is only limited to a seven letter tiles in a turn and the words, 'ell' or 'flu' has to be present on the board + another letter tile. The probability of occurrence of this word to be laid on the scrabble board in a turn is .0001% if nil.However, for the sake of scoring:where: m=3, e=1, l=1, l=1, i=1, f=4, l=1, u=1, o=1, u=1, s=1If laid on a non-premium square, the total score would be 16 points.

Sentence for obsequious?

Obsequious is an adjective and it means: attempting to win favor from influential people by flattery This basically means that you use fake but words that sound mellifluous to get something that is in the "grasps" of someone else. "The girl is obsequious when she comes to seeing something she wants that others have." Hope this helps!

What is another word tempetous?

You mean "tempestuous"? anfractuous arduous circumfluous contemptuous congruous fatuous flexuous fructuous ignis fatuus impetuous incestuous incongruous innocuous Jewess Lewis mellifluous menstruous (Port) Louis promiscuous sensuous spirituous superfluous tortuous tumultuous unctuous vacuous virtuous voluptuous

What are some nice words that start with the letter M?

Some nice words that start with the letter m areMarvelous,miraculous,magnificent,melodious,mellifluous,mellow,metamorphosisAnswer1. Magazine.2. Magenta.3. Magpie.4. Mabble.5. Macon.6. Madder.7. Mammer.8. Mambo.9. Marc.10. Marcella.

What are some positive adjectives that begin with the letter M?

machomagicalmagnanimousmagnificentmajesticmajormanlymarvelousmatchingmaturemeaningfulmeekmellifluousmellowmelodiousmemorablemercifulmeritoriousmerrymesmerizingmeticulousmightymildmind bogglingmindfulmiraculousmirthfulmodernmodestmoonstruckmotivatedmousymuscularmusicalmysterious

What is a different name for liquid?

aqueous, damp, deliquescent, dissolvable, dissolved, dulcet, fluent, fluidic, fusible, ichorous, juicy, liquefied, liquescent, liquiform, luscious, mellifluent, mellifluous, mellow, meltable, melted, moist, molten, moving, pulpy, running, runny, sappy, serous, smooth, soft, solvent, splashing, succulent, thawed, thin, uncongealed, viscous, watery, wet

Hard spelling words?

attenuate beleaguer subtle susceptible psephology fideicommissary jalousie aggrandizement misanthrope miserere misericorde noumenal chablis douceur douricouli scissure thalassophobia thaumatrope cognoscente insouciant isthmus lorgnette soubrette eudaemonic aphrodisiac decoupage decussate callipygian mellifluous sesquipedalian consanguineous myrmecophilous metempsychosis lagniappe daguerreotype bergschrund bigarreau .. many others ! :)

-Absolutely- seems to be the word of the decade. Instead of saying yes people say absolutely when they used to say -fer sure- or -you betcha-. How did the word get to be so ubiquitous?

As all ubiquitous things come to be . By sheer repetition. People with limited vocabularies will always latch on to something new that they perceive to sound more intelligent , or sometimes just more mellifluous .

Could somebody help me with SAT context clue sentences?

Please make a different sentence for each word. The words are: Arbitrary Benevolent Blithe Copious Disparaged Elusive Exhuberant Fulminate Gregarious Heinous Indolent Jocular Loquacious Mellifluous Nebulous Nostalgic Ominous Petulance Quell Repudiate Stagnant Tenacious Unkempt Versatile Zealot Note: you do not have to write a sentance for all of them...just the ones that you can do.